Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Turn It Around

Today, I did my first treadmill run since the heat wave of 2010.
It was hard. At Mile 0.2, I was already dreading it.
How did I manage to do 7 miles on the treadmill this summer is beyond me. Probably the heat fried my brain. Nothing was interesting on TV. It was too dark to see what's happening outside. And it was getting warm inside. See the negativity going on there in my head? Well, it sucks! I just wanna stay home and eat some bons bons.

Then, something sparked in my head and I decided to channel some positive inside me.  I can hate every single friggin' step of this run, or I can just be happy to be able to run!
So, I decided to enjoy it. There was another lady a few treadmills away from me running. I told myself that, "she runs, I run." And I am not going to stop before she does.
It did the trick. I finished 4 miles on the treadmill in almost 45 minutes. It wasn't many miles, but I would have thrown in the towel at Mile 1.

The moral of the story?
Stay with it. Think something positive. Turn it around. It isn't as difficult as you think.
And most of all, enjoy the fact that you are able to run.

And I am 12 km away from hitting my goal for this year. So close! So close! So close!


  1. awesome! this is exactly what i need to do. :)

  2. I hear you on how boring a treadmill can be!! I SO miss the outside runs, can't wait for spring :)

    I love your moral of the story, remember this, you will need it during your marathon! I'm sure you will do one one day :)

  3. Yes! That is often my trick on the treadmill - stay on longer than anyone else. (I also tried it at a buffet once, but that's a whole differnt challenge!)

    You can definitely fit in those 12K!

  4. Great job in sticking to your guns and getting the run in. That target for the year is yours!

  5. great job on sticking with it! i hate boring runs too but sometimes u gotta do them!

    and 12 more kilometers. cannot wait for u to meet ur goal! yay

  6. whatever tricks it takes. i cannot stand running on a treadmill. 4 miles is more than I could do...

  7. Great job! I hate the treadmill too, but I do the same thing when I have to get on one. Pick one person out in the gym and stay as long as they do. :)


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