Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Run, First Indulgences of 2011

I did my first run of 2011, which was also my first long run.  Today's run party consists of Ms. M, Mr. J and me. We did an easy 3.8 mile run with Ms. M.  She is still under the weather but decided to run since she didn't have a fever. Her dedication and perseverance are traits I need to work on.  Then, Mr. J and I continued the run, taking a route that Ms. M suggested.  While running it, I decided to take Mr. J through the cemetery route since it would probably put at around or close to 8 miles.  We chatted about Christmas and New Year, talked about eating our black eyed peas and cornbread, about kids, and resolutions. Mr. J and I talked about half marathon races and he is planning on running his first half this year. He can definitely do it! He also convinced me to start doing strength training and said he definitely thought it helped a great deal with his running.

Random Thoughts (because I had moments of silence when we ran through some gradual inclines)
1. Wear a hat/beanie when running in the cold.
2. Wear your gloves when running in the cold.
3. I conveniently forgot my reflective vest this morning. The truth is, I hate wearing an extra thing. I know it is not safe for running in the dark. I'll do better next time.
4. Why don't sport apparel companies use more reflective strips on their clothing? I mean, a little reflective logo or an 1-inch strip doesn't really do much good.
5. It is tempting to call it a day when I run past my car.
6. Never run back to the car if I want to run longer.  (We ran back to the car and a little beyond it so we'll hit 8 miles today. Honestly, I could have ran at least a mile more. But the car, man, it's like screw being an overachiever and let me just do what's necessary. Next time, I'll run around and extend it just a tad.)

New Year-related Indulgences

The boyfriend and I rang in the new year with a few glasses of wine.  We also ate an ice cream cone from McDonald's. Yes, I love my McDonald's, and I don't care what you think.
A delicious sweet white wine. A gift from a friend.

I had a good new year's day yesterday.  Boyfriend and I tried a new pizza buffet place. We hardly go out  to eat and I'm always excited to eat out with him. It's like a real date-date. :) Pizza was good - it was a thin crust pizza and they have different kinds of specialty pizza.  Everything was fresh and delicious. I didn't eat until I was miserable. I actually stopped when I felt satisfied.

I went and picked a friend up at the airport. After which, we went to a Japanese restaurant and had some sushi, teriyaki chicken, and vegetable tempura. It was delicious and satisfying. Again, I can probably eat MORE but I didn't. We ordered 3 rolls and kept the sushi menu, so if we're still hungry, we can always order more.  We even took leftovers home to the boyfriend.


  1. Awwwww, the pics make me soo hungry! :) Good job on getting 8 miles in!!! This will be your year!

  2. Great job getting the eight miles in - here is to some great runs in 2011 - Happy New Year

  3. Nice run!!! You seem pretty dedicated to me! I've wondered the same thing about reflective bits on running clothes. All that food looks and sounds so great! I think McD's ice cream is reduced fat, so an ice cream cone only has 150 calories. I could be wrong.

    I'm registered for Cincinnati's Flying Pig Marathon, and I impulsively registered for the Air Force Marathon yesterday. The first is May 1, and the second is September 17. WOOHOO!!! What's on your calendar after RnR?

  4. good job getting out there.

    i agree. running clothes should have more reflective strips on them ALL THE TIME as a standard. why don't they?

  5. Happy New Year!!! :)

  6. Great start to the year!

    Real date-dates are the best!

  7. Happy New Year and well done on the first run of 2011. I've really enjoyed reading your blog in the past few months and am looking forward to seeing what's in store for 2011!!

  8. I'm off white stuff for a few weeks and now I want some darn sushi! Brown rice just isn't the same!

    Totally agree on the running clothes.... reflective would be awesome! Oh, and I can't run in many hats.... I prefer the earband to keep my ears warm. I just use cheap ones at Wal-Mart or Target. And the gloves are a MUST!


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