Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taking Random Thoughts Running.

Ran outside, 11 miles in 2 hours 10 minutes.  Last long run for half marathon training #2. 

Pre-run snack - PBJ sandwich. 
Let me tell you, it helps to fuel up just a tad before a long run. I definitely felt a whole lot better running today first 6 miles than the past few weeks.  Now, tell me why haven't I been doing that religiously for all my long runs? 

Running Partner.
A good running partner helps keeping you accountable. They run the distance with you and make sure you don't just call it a day when you are so close to home and still have 3 miles left. 

Online Running Partners/Friends/Bloggers
They are watching you! Ha! They know when you usually post so you better run your long run and post and blog about it.  It's like I know Anne Marie writes goals on Sundays, so, if she doesn't write her weekly goals on Sundays, I would be nervous! 

Did I ever mention that I have a running twin?
She found me / or I found her? I don't know how we found each other.  So, at first, she said she might be my running twin. And I thought, "Ok, Cool! Someone wants to be my twin and we kinda like the same thing/run the same pace."  How flattering!  Then, we found out we have the same birthday, just a different year.  Then we also found out stuff like we both like the same Cyndi Lauper's song. 
Now, Running Twin, what's your second favorite Cyndi Lauper's song?  Mine's "Who Let In the Rain?" 
Check out her blog. I think she has a slight obsession with Disney and Vegas and also kinda addicted to entering half-marathon races!

If there is sports bra, what about sports panties? 
There are sports bra with support, sports bra with vents, sports bras with pockets. But what about sports panties? Is there such things?

Coughing takes up A LOT of energy.
Today's run was interspersed with lots of coughing bouts.  Not funny. My belly was literally aching after all that coughing.  So, I tried to contain my cough.  It was a juggling act trying to contain my coughs, run, breath in and out.  

I love my Garmin.
My boyfriend has given me some really nice thoughtful gifts over the years but the Garmin 305 he got me for my 29th birthday was really the bestest gift!  

I love my boyfriend.
Good thing we don't fight with each other and trying to poke each other eye out. Life's too short to spend with the ones you love, so, why live in misery and be miserable and spiteful to the ones you love.  

Guess where I went after my long run today and what I ate?  McDonald's pancakes!!! And I have the picture to prove it! Just so you know,  for 3 pancakes, I didn't even use up an entire thing of margarine and didn't use but only 1/3 of the syrup.  I really just like pancakes and don't care for butter/syrup. 
Usually, I dip my fork into the syrup and then poke my pancake and eat it. I just need a hint of sweetness.
Jan 2010 vs Jan 2011
According to Daily Mile, I ran 14 miles in January 2010.  So far, in January 2011, I have logged 67 miles.  The goal is to run 1000 miles this year. And the goal is to run more per month than last year too. :) 

Now these are my random thoughts for today.  Now share yours.   
How's your long run? 
What are your thoughts on sports panties? 
Share one relationship tip.   
How do you like your pancakes? 

Tell me anything! :)


  1. so.....i like these bras by Barely There called Breathe for sports. Found by accident once when I forgot to pack a sports bra on a trip. Now I have several. Anyway, i also have several pairs of their boy shorts for under tights and such. That's my version of sports panties!

  2. 1) I do not do long runs. Maybe I should? I have been focusing on short distances since I started my sprint triathlon training.
    2) Never think about sports panties...wear my regular ones, always thongs (sorry if that was TMI).
    3) Appreciate what the hubby does and it goes a long way in making you both happy.
    4) With butter and syrup, but prefer waffles.
    Also, in the winter I have this dry cough/throat clearing thing. Not sure what it is, but happens only in the winter. Worse after exercise and eating. I found Halls Breezers for throat irritations and kind of like them. Not cough drops, but they do help.

  3. I'm glad you found a good pre-run snack, it's so important to fuel right! Enough energy and not heavy in the stomach!
    I love the fact you have a running twin - SO COOL!
    I have to do 10 miles next week and I'm a little nervous. I wish I would be back in last year's marathon training. 10 miles was easy and short back then. Now it;s a challenge again. Oh well, I hope I will get my form back soon.

    Last but not least, I'm SO proud of you for finishing 11 miles!!! You go girl :)

  4. Once you said your twin was obsessed with Disney - I knew it was Fruit Fly.
    I am not good about pre run snacks. I totally agree about the running partner! Just posted about the glory of a long with a running partner! I like pancakes but prefer French toast and I need real Vermont maple syrup on them!

  5. I ran 5 miles today and felt pretty good. Last mile was the fastest, so I must save a little for the end!

    I've never really thought too much about sports panties. But I am careful on race day to pick out some undies that I'm fairly confident will not ride up!

    Relationship tip? Make time to do things with just the 2 of you. With work, family, other commitments, it gets hectic, but you need to spend that time together one-on-one.

    I love pancakes with fruit on them! Yum!!!

    Great job on 11 miles! You rock!!!

  6. Awesome. Who did you order the Vermont maple products from? Vermont maple cream on an English muffin = extreme happiness!

  7. I have a blogging twin..... it's scary how much we're alike. The other day she posted that she had peanut butter toast for breakfast. I about fell out of my chair as I had the same..... it's freaky sometimes. Great miles this month!

  8. 1) My long run was slow, icy, a new route, and awesome.
    2) I hate the "P" word, but I don't usually wear them while running. They bunch up under running tights and get uncomfortable, and my Lululemon shorts all have built in undies, that breathe really well and don't bunch up. (TMI?)
    3) Date night is important. Even though we live together, we're both busy and tired at the end of a long day and veg out in front of the tv a lot of nights without much conversation. Spending at least one day a week together where we talk, laugh and have fun together is important.
    4) No butter, REAL maple syrup. If there's no real stuff, I'll put honey or PB and J on my pancakes before putting the liquid brown sugar crap that they give you at McDs and most breakfast restaurants!

  9. 1)I dont run so i live vicariously through running bloggeres like yourself! lol
    2) We call them knickers...when I work out I just wear usual ones, but normally the plain shorts kind as Im not a fan of VPL when exercising :)
    3) Its a cliche but have sex as often as husbands mood deteriorates rapidly the longer he goes without it! ha It brings you closer and leaves you with a daily bargaining tool lol
    4) Lemon and sugar

  10. u and ur pancakes! i prefer eggs and toast over pancakes. im not a bit pancake person, i eat them maybe like 5 times a year. and after long runs, i always crave salty things, not sweet.

    i think u can purchase underwear from lululemon that is 'sporty'. i dont know what it does or why anyone would stend 15 dollars on 1 pair of underwear, but people must if they sell it, right?

    and pb&j sandwiches are my fave before a run!

  11. You are rocking Jan. 2011! Woot!

  12. Peanut butter with just a touch of jelly is a GREAT way to fuel for a long run! And yes Virginia, there IS such a thing as sports panties! Nike, Under Armor...they all have them. Pricey, but why you gonna spend all that money on dry wicking clothes only to have cotton undies?? :o)
    Enjoy your taper week before your race!

  13. Hi Twin!! :-)

    I cannot pour syrup on my pancakes. I can dip or use my fork to drip some on one bite at a time. Anything more than that.... too sweet!

    Cyndi Lauper - 2nd favorite is probably the Goonies' song since I'm obsessed with that movie!

    I have no boyfriend, happily, but I have my Garmin! I feel complete with him!

    I got this cough once when I was on vacation in Orlando. It lasted through 2 terms of college. The doctor said I either pulled a muscle or cracked a rib. He said, "I can't tell, but we can't do anything about it anyway." Lovely. Coughing SUCKS!!

    My long runs are all virgin territory for me, so they are hard, yet exciting. I have started fueling mid-run and I feel like it actually does help. I throw those Power Bar chewy gel things in my pocket and pull them out every couple of miles. They are yummy, too!

    I only run in thongs. Well, that's all I own. I wonder if they'd make a sporty one with a handy pocket. I wonder where they'd put the pocket???

  14. I love peanut butter and jelly!!! I got some super-cheap spandex undies on sale at one of the big department stores (can't remember which one). They weren't marketed as sports panties, but the material is perfect, and they work well. Nice run, and nice month!!!!

  15. There is no such thing as sports panties, good luck for your marathon run.


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