Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow. Really? Where?

Ran on treadmill - 3 miles in 32:20 minutes. 
It is snow/ice day again here in SE Arkansas and schools are out. 
Kinda ridiculous. 
There's barely any snow on the grass this morning. Just a light dusting. A very light dusting.
Seriously believe that we could have gone to school today cos' this mama has some work to do! 
Right now, it's just misting a little. 
You really have to LOOK for snow. So people are over-reacting just a tad around here.
Americans have their brothy chicken and rice soup. Delicious, right?  
I made this Asian chicken and rice soup today. 
It is a cold day after all, so a bowl of piping, steaming hot bowl of chicken and rice soup warms the belly!
Basically, you have your chicken broth and rice and chicken breasts.
(I had seasoned the chicken breasts in some soy sauce, pepper, and some hoisin sauce a couple of days ago)
Then, I added a generous bunch of Napa cabbage (chopped) and one Roma tomato (quartered). 
Then, I chop up a thing of scallions. 
The Napa cabbage is delicious when it is still kinda crunchy. You don't want it to be limp and old.


The house is in a wreck and you'd think a hurricane had spawned and wreaked havoc inside my house.
So, I am going to get the house cleaned today. 
We'll see. 



  1. im all about throwing a bunch of stuff together to make a delicious soup!

    yay for 3 miles! good for u. ur half is coming up soon, right??? cant wait for u to run it?

    any luck with the yoga videos?
    i did 2 on Wednesday and plan on doing all 3 of them on Sunday!

  2. I'm cleaning house tomorrow! AFTER I sleep in.
    I wish I ate Asian food. During my 2nd stint in Florida, for the first few months all of my friends were from Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal and India. Their food didn't always smell the best (seriously somebody had some awful fish thing that could clear out the break room!), but it sure looked pretty darn cool!

  3. Our schools are the same way about snow. And, our district is really large, so sometimes it snows in some areas and not others but the whole district is closed...ugh.
    Soup looks great :-)


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