Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Roundup #2

The boyfriend and I went to a wedding on Saturday.  Our friend from India (groom) weds his girlfriend from Nepal. They had a ceremony in India for his family, a ceremony in Nepal for her family and a ceremony in the good ol' U.S.A. for their friends in America.  Being in America, you gotto do the usual American wedding things - white dress, unity candle, garter toss, bouquet toss.

We got home early enough, watched "The Last Emperor" on DVD and slept. I was ready to pound out that 9 miles I was nervous about a few days ago.

Sunday 5 a.m. rolls around. I didn't want to roll out of bed. But I did! And I was early and waited on Ms. M and Mr. J.  It was a blustery morning. Ms. M, being the seasoned runner and all, taught me about how to "read" winds. After our 4.5-mile loop lesson, Ms. M headed home and Mr. J and I were left to our own devices. I had to "read" the winds to make sure that we don't come back head-on with that wind. Not too shabby. But I clearly need more practice. It was "HEAD ON" on our last 0.3 mile.
Funny how 9-miles today were much easier than the 4-miler killer runs earlier this week.
And we managed a very nice negative splits run. Check this out!

13:07,  13.04 (stopped to take the reflective vest, get a drink of water, and got my Gu Chomps)
9:42 (last stretch - uphill and we made a quick strong dash for it too!)

After the run, I headed home for a hot steamy shower and got back into bed for a nap.
Woke up and had breakfast fit for a princess at 1 p.m. (pancakes with real maple syrup with nuts, turkey bacon, coffee, OJ, eggs). I ate well and enjoyed a pretty sight outside the window because we got some snow, baby!
Looks like a bli-bli-bli zzard out there.
 I'm so scared that I can't seem to stand still for a picture


  1. So impressed on that last mile. You are a rock star!!! Glad you were able to get that all accomplished before the snow. :)

  2. way to really pick up the pace at the end!

  3. I am really working on picking up the pace on my runs. Like you, I am slower to start and pick it up later on. I think what I am missing is doing longer runs. My running buddy mentioned adding more time to increase our distance/endurance.
    Enjoy the snow :-)

  4. Sunday at 5am after a wedding? You are hard core!!! Good job on getting out there and run 9 miles!! The snow looks very pretty :)

  5. thats a lot of snow for u guys. wow.
    thats nothing for canada, tho. hahhha

    great job on ur 9 miles. u will rock ur half marathon!!! yay


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