Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days and Brick

I'm a runner!
A conversation between a runner and non-runner.


It was Snow Day for me on Monday and Tuesday!
We had a good 3 to 4 inches of snow. Laugh if you want. Southeastern Arkansas doesn't get snow like this. We usually have sleet, ice and fallen trees and have no electricity. So, this right here is a rare sight.

There's something about snow that send us in a tizzy (is that a word?)
Grocery stores were packed with people stocking up staples in anticipation for the snow. They bought milk, bread and eggs and generators. I took my chances.  I do have about 2 dozen eggs and lots of bread at the house. Lots of Gu too!

What did I do during my Snow Days?
I came up with a Snow Day To-Do List and steadily checked the items off the list.
I still have unchecked items. But I did check a lot of items off too.
And I ran lots of errands around town today too!
I could be laying in bed with a tub of ice cream.

Tuesday morning run was canceled. Ms. M was worried about ice, and would rather not chance falling and hurting her recently-fixed rotator cuff. She headed to the Y in the morning. I should have went this morning. But I slept in, felt no remorse, ate cinnamon raisin toast, ate KFC (just 2 wings for dinner)
and guilt took a big gulp out of my bottom!
I headed to the Y and ran.
KFC two hours before your run = not a good idea!
So I did a R-B-R workout (run-bike-run workout or Brick workout).
I felt super speedy on the treadmill after I had been on the bike.
It was awesome!
Will do my planned 4ish miles tomorrow morning instead.


  1. That's a long to do list. Looks like you made good progress!

  2. I LOOOOOOVE that video! I 'shared' it on Facebook, along with thousands of others, but none of us could figure out how to get the code or whatever to actually put the video somewhere other than Facebook. How do I get that movie???? You're a genius.

    For some reason, I was totally expecting your Snow Day List to have things like 'make a snow angel,' 'build a snow man,' 'sled,' and 'have a snowball fight' on it. Hahaha!

    "I could be laying in bed with a tub of ice cream." Haha, you are awesome and productive. :)

    Nice brick!!!

  3. We are having snow/ice days here as well. One of the members of our running group offered to give me a free pass to her gym so we could run together indoors, but no gym childcare on snow days. Sigh. Tell me more about Brick workouts.

  4. Good for you for being productive on a snow day! We rarely have them either, but mostly because we get so much snow that we tend to be prepared for it!

  5. i absolutely looove that video. it is so true to life.

    good luck with the snow. sucks to be u! (jokes) we have more than that.
    i miss BRick workouts. should done one soon!

  6. I hope that snow goes away, because I'm heading up your way Friday for my RRCA certification course!

  7. This Canadian is having trouble even finding the snow in your picture! Good job on the workouts.

  8. Good job on getting your workouts in even though you had snow!! Love your Snow Day To Do List, I would need a few days like this and just get my house back in order :)


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