Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm walking on sunshine!

The running group didn't meet this morning. 
Ms. M was worried about running on iced over roads in the dark.  
I tried to sleep in, but got up at my usual time and poked around on YouTube.

As promised, I did my 2 yoga stretches today right before I brushed my teeth. 
After breakfast, I took the girls out for a walk.
More snow photos.

The view right outside the house yesterday when the snow was coming down. 

 Today - vast blue sky. 

Four inches of snow aren't a whole lot compared to what many of y'all are getting.
But this is quite something in SE Arkansas.

So we make a big deal of it and take a lot of pictures so we can tell future generations
that we DO get snow in this part of the country.

Buttercup and Paddy Wag playing

We went on a 1-mile + walk and Paddy pretty much dragged me around. 
Felt like I was sledding! 
Not fun!
I slipped twice - once on the snow (which wasn't too bad) and once on the gravel road. 
That gravel road slip, well, ouch. 

 Buttercup exploring the woods. 
Buttercup often takes the off-beaten path and takes the time to explore her surroundings.
That's something I love about running/walking with her.
She reminds me the importance and beauty of just enjoying a simple run.

Tomorrow will be another 2 yoga stretches. 
Going to start hydrating well tomorrow too.
And pack. I need to start deciding what to wear for the half marathon this Sunday.
Can't hardly wait!  


  1. woooah and dont it feel good!! ;)

    beautiful snow pics! :)

  2. Love the pics. And good luck on Sunday! I can't wait for your race report!

  3. GREAT pics, can't get enough of them :) Try to eat some carbs (potatoes, apple sauce, pasta, rice) this week as well :)

  4. love the pix! so cute!
    yay for the race this weekend. get lots of rest tonight, as tomorrow you might be nervous. also eat a BIG dinner tonite, not on saturday night. on Saturday, i would recommend a big lunch and a lighter dinner.
    cant wait for your race!!! :)

  5. Have a great run Sunday - Great pics

  6. I would be ok with the cold weather if we got pretty snow like that once in a while. Sunny and 28 degrees is just mean - it looks pretty, but it's COLD!

  7. Your doggies are so cute!! Good luck on your half - can't wait to read your recap!

  8. What happy little dogs you have! My dog would be so jealous if she knew other dogs were out playing in the snow right now. She hardly ever gets to see it!

    Have fun with your hydrating, and just in case I don't get to say it later.... Good luck!! Have a super fun race!!

  9. your doggies are so cute! I have a black lab puppy too...good luck in your race!

  10. Put a pic of the outfit you are going to wear on a post! Hope you don't have snow for it.


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