Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look who's thirsty!

Ran 6 miles in 1:09 minutes.
We also got some nice negative splits!

After our run, I stopped by the grocery store and got a bunch of drinks. Gee! I must be thirsty!!! 

 Got some diet green tea going there, some Sobe water,
some Powerade Zero and a big bottle of Diet Mt. Dew. 

Today's run was quite thought-provoking.
We talked (well, he talked because that was my grand plan to have him talk so I can keep up!)  
Glad that I kept my mouth shut because I learned some valuable lessons from Mr. J.  

Be open.
Be gracious.
Be kind. 

 It is amazing the things we learn from one another. 
And today, I am very thankful for my charmed life, for what I have become,
and for all the friends I have made over my short span of running days.  

I am still having that cold nonsense thing so I didn't check off many items on my to-do list yesterday.
Also we had to go to the boyfriend's sisters' houses to do some measurements so that took a good part of the evening/night. 
You know what I learned from my boyfriend in the short span of a decade that we have been together? 

Family is family.

What did you learn from your running friends/friends this week? 


  1. Thank you for this post. I re-learned my running friend is also my real friend who is perceptive, and knows when to keep the conversation light.

  2. diet green tea sounds great. i could go for some of that!

  3. I learned that I need to lighten up and not be my own hardest critic.

    Sounds like you had a good run!

  4. The last thing I learned was that I am mentally stronger than I thought. While struggling in my last race a fellow runner asked me if I was okay - and just her asking made me feel better and helped me get back to racing. I really appreciated her at that moment!


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