Sunday, February 27, 2011

Operation Tackle To-Do List: Report

I came up with a to-do list on Friday.

I didn't get much done on Saturday because I was a tad under the weather and the boyfriend and I spent a good part of the evening and night at his sisters' houses taking measurements. Also, instead of tackling what I already had on the list, I deviated from it and added stuff to it.

Here's what I got done:
  1. Clean/organize study  -  I tidied it up and filed away bill statements and my work stuff. Now, I have a somewhat manageable desk where I can actually find a spot to write stuff. 
  2. Laundry - Still working on it. Put all the clothes in the laundry room up and have my 2nd load in the washer now.  We are going to have some clean underwear this week!!!
  3. Work on a horseradish potato salad recipe - Got the first test batch out. Edible, but definitely need more tweaking with the sour cream and horseradish proportion.
  4. Clean out my vehicle - The trunk area is tidied and I have room for more junk!
  5. Wash vehicle - Washed and Rainexed! Spankin' sparklin' pretty ride!
  7. Clean out fridge - I did it! Gee! We have lots of leftovers because we were on the road so much last week.  Cleaned it out, tossed it out!
  8. Run 6 miles - I jumped at the chance for that run! Of course I got it done. My favorite of all!
  9. I also emptied the dishwasher, loaded dishwasher, cleared off kitchen island and counter tops and Lysoled it!
  10. I did the "manly job"  and took out out long fluorescent light bulbs, bought new ones, and replaced burned out one.
    I'm done with chores! Not tackling the foyer today! I will just focus on doing laundry from now until I go to bed, which is pretty soon. :)
    What project/chore did you tackle this week?


  1. WOW, you got SO MUCH done!! I'm really impressed. Do you ever rest? :) So, when is your next race?

  2. WOW!!! Great job, lady! You certainly did have a productive day. Our big 'project' of the day here was a two-hour hike. It was beautiful. Also, I cooked an awesome meal with lots of fresh stuff.

  3. Great job. I cleaned the shower, the toilet, and the top deck. Ran a 5k and 4 miles.

  4. Not so much on the chore front and hubby has offered to do the grocery shopping after dinner. Woot woot! Good for you.

  5. I had a race Saturday and have done the bare minimum since. :) You were far more productive than I was!!!

  6. I have a hard time keeping up with #7 at our house. And, I am on load #6 with laundry. Sigh.
    But, I did rock my 5K so I am doing a good job in the most important areas :-)



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