Sunday, February 20, 2011

Soaking wet.

This has been a doozy week.
It looks like the insurance will cover the damages in the house.  We pretty much will have to redo the house because the walls and insulation are all soaking wet.

Talk about soaking wet...
I went on my FIRST real run after RnR Mardi Gras! I have been doing a couple of quick jaunts around the house with Paddy.  It was more like a walk-run-being pulled-being dragged-run kinda deal. Too short a distance (1-mile-ish) to count.  Today, we did 9 miles and then some.  It was 60 degrees - too warm for my liking.  Oh no! I hate to think that my running outside days are going to come to an end.... 

I had told Mr. J that I would run a long run with him today.  I planned for 11 miles.  And that's before I had to go help the boyfriend refinish some furniture at a nursing home on Saturday.  That's a job that involved a lot of heavy lifting and ultimately, it hurt my back.  So, my back hurts just a little. We didn't get home until almost 3 a.m. It would be so easy to say "Forget it. Not running."  But a promise is a promise, right?  So I laced up those shoes and went to meet the running group. 

Ms. M had to walk after mile 3-ish because of her knee. Ms. M. will turn 70 this week and during our run, we were talking about delaying knee surgery. 

Mr. R's legs were sore. He worked out some this week and somehow ended up with sore legs.

Mr. J is trying to do a double-digit run today - a long run before March 6 for his first half marathon.  So, he and I kept running.  About Mile 7-ish, I had to walk a little, so I told him to keep running and I am just going to walk until he catches up with me. We finished 9 miles and I told him I am too done to go any further.  Mr. J said he would do another block or so since he is feeling pretty good. 
We talked about work, personalities, kids (and in my case, dogs) and the miles seem to fly by pretty fast.  I felt kinda bad for not finishing all the miles today with him.  He has been so sweet to run all the miles with me. 

Anyway, after the run, I had a good warm shower and crawled back into bed. I love naps after my runs!


  1. Way to get back out there despite being tired & sore. Company can make all the difference!

  2. Naps after a run are the BEST! Glad you were able to work one in. Afterall, sleep IS an important part of recovery!

  3. 9 miles a week after the half is AWESOME!! You deserved your nap :)

  4. Great run! You totally deserve the extra rest after the week you've had.

  5. Good job running. Glad insurance is helping, but that totally sucks about the house!

  6. Wow, way to get those long miles in after the half!! And yes, naps after long runs are WONDERFUL. :)


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