Monday, February 7, 2011

Stretch it. Bend it. Rotate it.

Remember the last time when I was training for my half marathon?
I was complaining of a back pain.
I have learned that it is called piriformis syndrome
(I think "syndrome" sounds kinda harsh).  
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Yep. I have been feeling a slight tinge of it since my last long run two Sundays ago. I have been stretching and thought I would share a few of these stretches with you. 

Tomorrow morning, if the temperature doesn't dip below 19,  I will be running some easy 3 miles or so with Ms. M and Mr. R.  If it does, I will head to the Y and run 3 miles. 
Thursday will be another 2 or 3 easy miles.  
 I will be doing stretches, especially those above, and massaging my ankles because they have been kinda stiff and tight. 
Any suggestions would be welcomed.
We are fixin' to have another bout of cold weather here.
Quite frankly, I am enjoying this winter a lot.

Mainly because winters here in SE Arkansas is mild and these few snow showers have made it seemed a little more like winter.  
I just don't like wet and cold. 
But sun shine and cold - bring it! 

Have a good night. 
I'll be in bed, reading blogs and messing around on Facebook.  


  1. Great stretches!! They worked for me:)

  2. awesome attitude and I'm sorry about the pain in the butt. Get your significant other to massage it!

  3. those stretches look good~

  4. I am totally with you - sunshine and cold is a fabulous combo! You get to say dry, but you aren't all sweaty. And I run so freaking fast (for me) in those conditions!

    I hope you fix your leg. Since you are my running twin I need to have you staying healthy! :)

  5. Definately keep up the stretching! RnR is almost here!


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