Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taper Run, Running Dog

Ms. M texted me at 4:30 a.m. It was a succinct text: "Let's go at 5:30."
What can I say to that but an equally succinct text: "Sure!"

It was beautiful out today - about 28ish to 30ish degrees F.  The wind wasn't blowing too strongly either. Apparently I am the "runner of the week" because of my race this weekend, so I get to decide where we are running and how far we are running.  We settled on a specific 3-ish mile route, which was my least favorite route because when we get so close to the finish spot, we had to make another little loop around. Talk about temptation! Anyway, we haven't ran my "more favorite" 5K route because the last time Ms. M and Mr. R ran that route, they encountered a pit bull - a mean pit bull that actually was all ready to pounce and attack. 

The run was all right. It wasn't hard, but it was easy peasy either.  I mentally checked out when we ran by the finish spot (before the add-on loop).  I had the chance to call it a day or to stick with it and finish the 3 miles.  I told the running group that we are going to do the add-on loop.  Taper week has made me feel a little less than adequate. So, finishing this extra loop kinda help give me a little confidence boost.  We finished the run in about 41 minutes ish. 

Paddy went and got her second set of shots.  She did well and she weighs 25 lbs now.
The vet said it would be OK to start her on some short easy runs when she is about 6 months old.
Oh I can't wait! Do you have any tips?

Here, I'm leaving you with a picture of her at 13 weeks old, 25 lbs, in my vehicle after the vet visit.


  1. Hello cute little puppy face!!!

    I wish I could run with my dog. She's kind of a chunky monkey and can't keep up. But she sure loves to be outside strutting her stuff and showing off to all of the other dogs in the neighborhood!

  2. Ugh... 28-30 degrees! That's freezing, but maybe I'm just a wimp. Always nice to have company on runs, though. Cute pup!

  3. -9 here with the wind chill, 11 without ... 28-30 is absolutely balmy!

    Love the Carla Bruni ... however, her two CDs have no variety on them and I can't stand her English one. You picked the one song I like!

  4. She is such a CUTE puppy!

    Glad you're feeling pretty good on the taper week -- I'm happy you were able to go out and get it done this morning to boost you mentally for this weekend.

  5. Good job on your run! Yeah for being the runner of week!!! Just take it easy this week and I'm sure you will kick butt this weekend!! :)

    And Paddy is soo adorable!!

  6. paddy is such a cutie pie!

    good luck with taper. hopefully no taper madness.

    u r awesome at the morning wake up. i should give you my number and i need to start texting me to take up. hahahha. wish u had a blackberry! lol. u can b my alarm clock!

  7. Great job on the taper! Paddy is too cute!


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