Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hey! Galloway!

I ran the 5K like I said I would yesterday.  It wasn't my best run. 
Pre-run snack: Banana with some peanut butter. 
I tried out the Galloway run/walk thing.
Running and not getting injured?
Yeah. Sign me up! 

I started with 2 minute : 2 minute  run-to-walk ratio.
Then, I cut it short to 1:1. 
With the 1:1, I was able to clock in at a better pace. 
About 2 miles in, my knee felt a little funny, so I eased up and slowed down.
By the time I was through contemplating if I should call it a day, I was already at 2.6 miles. 
So I thought, why not round it up?
Don't judge. 
You do that too! Right? 
Then, I hit the magic 3-mile mark and while on the walk portion, I said to myself, why not do 5K? 
And so I did.

After the run, I hit the machines and did some leg curls, leg extensions and all the jazz 
to strengthen my quads, hammies, ankles. 

Gonna go have a quick egg sandwich now.


  1. good job.
    im adopting galloway too. i did a 7k this morning and took 3 walking breaks. i like the galloway method. im gonna do it more!

    wanna do a long run this weekend?i have 15k on deck. IF and only IF u r up for it? if not, then a virtual fun run of around 4miles?

  2. I need to be like you and have a banana before my runs!

    And maybe explore cross training.

    But really, I'm thinking a lot about that egg sandwich you had!

  3. Great workout! How did you get started on Galloway

  4. Great job! I did my marathon with his method and loved it, never got injured during training. After the marathon is another story :)

    I would also recommend you to get your knee checked out. I waited too long on my hips and would have been back pain-free much earlier if I would have seen a sport doc earlier. If you go, make sure he is a runner! Hope you will be running pain-free soon!

  5. Galloway rocks. I think it's interesting that you too find the 1:1 gives you a faster pace. I find the same thing! Thought it was just me. I guess I can run fast for 1 minute psychologically! :) Love egg sandwiches too! You're lucky you have a friend to do a long run with! Especially with Galloway - runs would go super quick!

  6. Great job! Take it easy on that knee, girl. Happy Thursday!

  7. I embrace the run/walk method on my longer runs. I can't seem to convince myself to do it on anything 3 miles and less. Crazy, I know!

    Take care of that knee!

  8. Nice job - when did you start Galloway? Take it easy on that knee!!

  9. well done. it's easier to do that on a treadmill when you can control the timing of the intervals. i have a real problem with it out on the trail.


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