Friday, April 1, 2011


WARNING!!!!! : Do not read if you don't want negative chi/aura in your life. 

What a crap-tastic March!

Daily Mile, being its usual chirpy self, told me that I ran some lousy miles last week. Being the cheerleader it is, it told me that I had an awesome training week. Ha! Must be an April's Fool joke!

Sorry I haven't been online much.
It has been difficult to push that green-eyed monster out of my life while I read about all the wonderful, spring-time, dandelions spotting runs you guys have been doing.  Every time I read about a good run, OR even a bad run, I just wanna rent your legs for an hour or two so I can have a good run like you! 

I have been tired lately. Well, my sleeping habits are kinda screwed right now because I have been staying up late typing reports and I have no plans to go run in the mornings.... And I seriously believe that running makes me sleep better.

I snapped at my boyfriend today. Totally stupid! That poor man was being so sweet to me.  Without my runs, I'm not a very nice person. I need to learn to control and be in control of myself.

So, yeah. Feeling just a tad better now.

Thanks for reading. And for sticking by, you go ahead and crap on this post too!  What's bothering you? What's crappy for you?  Come on! Let it out and kick it out!

April will be AWESOME!


  1. I completed 1, yes ONE, core workout in March. I'm supposed to do 3-4 per Week. I didn't even admit that on my own blog.

    Have you seen this shirt?

  2. I got my miles in OK during March, but I had so much frustration to get out. The only way I know how is to run it off. I had to move to a new office space for my job which I totally hated. It'll work out, but the process of moving sucked. And then my grandma passed away. We said our final good-byes yesterday to that amazing 94-yr-old that we will miss so much.

    Don't worry about griping. We're here to listen. :) Hang in -- April will be better!

  3. Is still your knee bothering you? get it checked out!! I was in the same mood when I was injured with my hips and it was BAD. But once I went to the doc, I felt better, there was a light at the end of the tunnel and 3 weeks later I was pain-free!!

  4. I only did two runs in March, I'm sure you ran more than me. I hope for better milage in April. Stay positive.

  5. Don't worry about a bad month. I'm sure April will be better.

    I'm frustrated with how taking 3 weeks off for an injury has set me back pace-wise. What was the point of running all winter in the snow and frigid cold if I'm slower now than I was in the fall?!

  6. I am like you...much nicer when I run. My knees are killing me after my race today. Hoping for nothing major. April is here, focus on the new :-)

  7. I'm annoyed because I'm in a running funk. I have a cold. And we are GOING to kick ass on Sunday in our half marathons. I just wish that I could snap out of the funk and feel back to normal again.

    I've decided to buy one or two pairs of new running shoes this weekend. Maybe that will help my mood!

    I HATE when Daily Mile tells me how awesome I am, yet I only ran 5 miles or so. Obviously that isn't awesome so why is it lying to me??


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