Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spankin' New!

So, I griped yesterday and it was great! 
Thanks for reading and crapping with me too. 
With that, I tai-chi'ed away all the negative chi and welcome the new, energized chi. 
Well, more like "Spend some money and make me happy!" 

It started out innocent - just a drive to make me feel better.
Then, I got to thinking about what could possibly make my knee hurts.
Then, I was toying with the idea of buying running shoes. 
So I drove myself to the running shoe store. 

It was quick too. 
I walked in. Told the sales dude that I am looking for a pair of running shoes. 
Told him I am wearing Adrenaline 10 and I *heart* it! 
He told me the 11 is out. 
I tried it on! 
and BAM!!! SHAZAM! 
I was out of that store in less than 30 minutes!

Check out my goodies 
 Adrenaline 11. 
These babies are gonna make me fast and keep me injury-free. 

 Adrenaline 11, Adrenaline 10, and my Asics Gel 3050.
I don't wear the Asics for running anymore - more for walking the dog or for exercise classes. 

 My current Adrenaline. 
See how the black part of the sole is virtually gone? 
Maybe that's part of the reason? 
I have had this pair since September 2010.
I logged about 350 miles since.
How often do you change your shoes?

 New kicks: See how the black part of the sole is still rather thick? 

I also picked up Body Glide and my favorite yummy Chomps. 
Then the sales dude recommended this Stinger Waffle. 
He said there's honey in the middle. 
He had me at "honey!"

Just in case the new kicks fail to kick the March's running blues away, 
I bought this baby! 

Nothing fancy. Just a cheap bike from Wal-Mart.
I am not really a biker and haven't see myself as a biker. 
I just want something to ride to my mail box or to the bank instead of taking my vehicle. 
I think this will suffice. 

And if these didn't make me a happy girl. 
I came home to this sweet baby girl....
The boyfriend gave her a bath to make me happy.

April.... you are up and I will take you down!


  1. Retail therapy! Haha, I was expecting the new shoes and the goodies, but the bike took me by surprise. That's awesome! You made some great, healthy purchases. Your baby girl is too cute! I love posts with puppy pics. :)

  2. I have those 11's too! Yay! They are great.
    Retail therapy is fantastic... ;)

    Sweet puppy!!!

  3. Awesome!!! The shoes will definitely make a difference!! Shopping = therapy :) That works every time for me :)

  4. Wow, what a fun day! I try to switch out my shoes every 6-12 mos.
    Ride that bike and your knees will not hurt as much. Trust me.

  5. The shoes all lined up like they are in a show cracked me up. You can definitely see a big difference between your old soles and the new ones- I hope that helps! I know all the retail therapy helps too! I love getting new running/workout stuff.

    I use to worry about how many miles I had on my shoes- I even switched out shoes and logged it for a while. But the only time I ever got injured was while I was logging! After reading Born to Run, I'm really not worried about the state of my shoes until I have a problem.

  6. time to retire the current shoe and start sportin' the new one

  7. Lots of new goodies! Have fun with it all!

  8. Fun new stuff! I have the 11's and love them!

  9. Love the new shoes! :)

  10. ooooohhh lala. a new bike AND shoes. fancy!
    have fun!

  11. Cool! I love new kicks. I just got new ones at 370 miles. Last ones lasted 400 miles, but I think I complained about them for the last 50 miles. This pair I only complained for about 20.

  12. Ha! See - we ARE running twins - buying shoes is my plan! I think I have put about 350 miles on mine and it is time for a new pair. I love what I have so I think I might buy the same ones again, but then also a new shoe of some sort. I want a pro to help me though, so we'll see what happens!


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