Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shout Outs and Definition

Two things first, two of my blogging friends ran PRs today at their 5Ks! 
Check out Christine (who also got bling for AG award) and Kristan soon. 
I'm sure they will post something about their runs on their blog. 


We had some guests at the house last night.  
We got to talking. 
And I am definitely a runner because that's all I talked about. 
My experiences/trips were running-related.

I went to New Orleans to run a half marathon. I went to bed early and got up at 3ish to get ready to run. 
Then we ate and left.  There was no mention of gay bars or Bourbon Street or drinking Hurricanes.

I went to Fayetteville to run. It's a nice town in Arkansas. It's hilly and the scenery was so pretty.
Perfect for a run. 

I drank beer during my runs!

I wanna go to Vegas to run down the Strip! 
That would be a quite an experience.

One of the husbands asked if I run a marathon. 
I said, "No no. Just a half." 
After saying that, I realized what I said. 
Just a half? I'm pretty impressive! 

I got to thinking last night. 
For about 30 years, I'm just Christina - the girl from Singapore/the Asian-looking girl. 
I don't really have hobbies or activities I love to do - other than cooking and eating. 
But  cooking and eating do not define me. 
Now at 31, I am proud to say "I'm a runner." 
Running is MY definition. 
And a definition I am proud of. 
What's YOUR definition? 


  1. Yay! I'm glad you're a runner! (Although I'm certain there were/are other wonderful things that define you too!) You're also a blogger.

    I ran down the strip in Las Vegas when I was there last summer! It was neat, but it's a very hard place to run. It was ridiculously hot, even at night, and you can't just run up the sidewalk. There are way too many people blocking the way and it doesn't just go by the road. You weave in and out of all these casinos and buildings and the roads get all mixed up and it's really, really confusing. It is worth doing once though!

  2. Christina I'm sure there are lots of things that define you...but yes, you definitely are a runner! And it's never "just a half" - it's a great accomplishment!

  3. Thanks for posting about my PR and sharing my blog! I have already checked out Christine's PR. Maybe all that rain was lucky :-)

    I feel the same way when I say "just a sprint tri."

  4. congrats. it's all a matter of perspective. to my non-runner friends just a half seems like a weird thing to say. but i have friends who run marathons and ultras, so just a half makes sense to me. but either way, it's still a big accomplishment!

  5. Depends on the company when it is just a half. But for most people...just a half is something they will never do.

  6. great post!
    i talk about runnign wayyyy too much too. my friends and the bf are happy taht i have a blog bc otherwise, i would drown them with running talk.


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