Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Month, Another Run, Another New Goal.

I started this week rather well, I guess.
Ran an easy 1-mile yesterday and today, I logged in 3 miles in 32 minutes.
When I got home from work, I peeled myself away from the computer (Facebook, Blogger, email, shopping for running tops) and went for a run. I had 2.5 miles planned.

Got to the Y and the cooler cardio room that has only 1 TV (I like this TV because I didn't have to bring my earphones) has BET channel on and the functioning treadmills were taken.   So I went to the warmer cardio/weights room without earphones. Running on the treadmill with no form of entertainment really sucked!

So I did intervals instead. I had it set to about 5.5 mph and increased the speed to at least 6.5 mph. The rest portions were set to 4.0 mph. I started with a run/walk ratio of 2:2 and ended up with a run/walk ratio of 3:1. Sometimes, instead of walking, I stopped to stretch the calves/Achilles' tendons. 

At the end of this run, I felt good. Happy. Satisfied. Thrilled. And BACK in the game. I think I am able to slug out another mile or so ... or even a 10K... but I didn't push it, partly because I was already bored and partly because I'm still trying to be cautious about my knee. I just don't trust the knees completely just yet.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do some form of cross-training. Maybe break out the Jillian's Week 2. Maybe a swim instead? We'll see. 

For supper, I had some curried lima beans and potatoes, brown rice and salmon (cooked on the grill pan I bought while shopping for my air tickets) It was delicious. Totally satisfying!

According to the Dailymile ...
I ran 27 miles this month.
A far cry from the 80something gazillion miles I ought to be doing to hit my 1,000 mile-mark,
but I am just glad to be able to run pain-free again.
It is more than what I ran in March and April.
So, I am happy.
I'm setting 40 miles for the June.
Baby steps, right? 

What are your goals for June?


  1. Great run today! It's not easy to run without any entertainment, especially on a treadmill!

  2. I think 40 miles sounds like a great goal! I might join you on that one :-)

  3. pain free running is AWESOME

    my goal is to keep tri training. just keep moving forward. that's prety much it.

  4. Awesome! My goals for June are to consistently get back at it and running on at least a semi-regular basis, rather than none at all.

  5. Happy June Christina.

    yummm curried lima beans with potatoes and fish. yuummm~

    u ran a lot. 27 miles is pretty good for someone who is injured.

    keep up the great work adn i KNOW u will hit 40 miles in june! yay

  6. Good job on your runs! And that's awesome you're pain free. My goal for June is to start my half marathon training...

  7. Things like this just prove we really are running twins! I didn't even hit 40 miles in May. I'm ready for a fresh start for June - hopefully our bodies will like us better and we will be awesome!

  8. Thanks for the post! I always enjoy your entries! We're all in the same boat just trying to make it to the next run. Congrats!

  9. You are doing it absolutely right! Great interval run!!! :)

  10. Go you! Love the dinner pic. My goal for June is to find a shady place to run. My running group is checking out the high school cross country trail in the am.


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