Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Us Runners are a Cool Bunch

  1. You become friends with people you have never ever met before, but, you know them.
    You know their disappointments, their triumphs, their goals, their secret goals, their strengths, their weaknesses, what makes them happy/bitchy, their stomach/bowel troubles, the times they fart, poop, peed, spit, and vomit.  Sometimes, you know about their family and loved ones.
  2. Somehow, knowingly or unknowingly, you try to meet up with them during one of your destination race.
  3. And sometimes, you find yourself a running twin.
    Someone who thinks like you, get injuries like you, share some similarities on other personal views. 
  4. You first communicate with each other via the blogs. Then you moved it onto Facebook and started sharing their life other than running. Some of you may even text. (I personally only texted Kellie before and during the RnR Mardi Gras race. I'm still bummed that I didn't stay longer because I had to use the bathroom so badly! ARGH!!!) 
  5. You talk about your blogging friends like they are real life friends. Even though sometimes, instead of saying "Christina did this and that," you would say, "My running twin did this" or "(insert Blog name) ran in that blazing Texas heat!"
  6. Many of the runners run for a cause - to fight cancer, to fight autism, to raise funds for woman's shelter ... You will also find many of us who donate whatever we can afford to a cause too.
  7. We brave wind, rain, snow, sleet, heat to run.
    A football game/tennis game may be canceled due to the weather. But us runners, we will gear up and run our miles. 
  8. We are a bunch of encouraging bunch of folks. We offer and cross our fingers when things go wrong for our running friends. We empathize with their plights.  We also offer advice and solutions and try to help troubleshoot the problems. 

    Can you think of some other things that make us cool?
    Share it with me!


  1. Love #5! I always talk about the blogs I read with my husband. Usually it's, "you know that blogger I read from (location)? They did this/had this result/etc." He thinks I'm kind of crazy, but at least other bloggers get it! :)

    It's amazing how much motivation I find from people I've never met/am unlikely to ever meet.

    i totally do this. i will be in converstation with someone and will say something like 'i should tell christina that we have to start running fartleks soon". And the person will say something like 'u will do what with who????'. hahahahha
    (ps. we do have to start those).

    great post, friend!!!!

  3. Great post. Yes, it is motivating to be surrounded by all these other runners like this. And to connect live is the best!

  4. #5! I told D that your pup was getting spayed, and you were so worried. He was like, "Who?"

  5. Love this list!! Agree with everything. :)

  6. We pretty much rock! (I mean WE runners, but then WE as twins rock, too!)

    This is a rad post. And I totally agree. I look forward to meeting up with fellow bloggers almost more than looking forward to the actual race itself!

    How many times a week do I say, "Well Christina, you know, my twin ....." And everybody knows who I'm talking about! Heck, at work they even know that you are seriously kicking my ass non-stop at Scrabble!

  7. What a great post and SO TRUE!!! My running friends online and local are the most supportive people and always understanding!!

  8. Love this post! And dont' worry about our short meeting in NOLA, there will be other races that we'll meet each other at :)

  9. LIke this post. If you're not a running blogger you don't get it. But all the support and common interests is so cool.

  10. #8 is awesome! Love this post :-)

  11. LOVE IT! I was totally talking to my mom about you the other night. :) I'm glad we took our friendship to the next level (FB).


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