Sunday, May 29, 2011

I ask. You answer.

I struggled this week with my exercises and runs.
Almost epic-failure quality, but not quite.
Apparently, my creative scheduling skills were quite sucky this week. 

Ingredients for workout disaster:
Late nights.
Sleeping ins.
Temperatures hovering above 80 degrees.
Much rather spend time with the boyfriend in 60-degree room. 

I woke up a little too late this morning - 7:30 a.m.
It was already a blazing 80 degrees outside.
I can't bring myself to run out in that kind of heat. 
I am wishing for a snow storm right now.
Let's just fast forward to winter.

Another reason why I am hating late spring/summer.
Bugs! Flies, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas.
I can't seem to step outside my front door
without letting the mosquitoes have a feast on me.

I am considering buying a treadmill. 
I have membership to the Y to use the treadmills.
I don't usually go to the classes. I hate classes.
But the treadmill room is kinda hot and stale.
If I have a treadmill at my house, I can turn the air down to a low 60s
and set up fans blowing into my face.
 What do you think? 
Do you have a treadmill at home? What kind?
Do you like it/use it?
I am thinking about spending not more than $600.


  1. I am team treadmill. I'm the process of picking one out for our new place. Can't wait--I hate running outside in the heat!

  2. I'm thinking about a treadmill for similar reason, I only use the treadmill at the gym and I feel if I have it at home, I will save time driving to and from. But we would not see all those weird people anymore!? :)

    I planning on buying one soon and I believe I will go with one from Costco. They even offer it with delivery and assembly! Plus Costco is always good with returning. Good luck!!

  3. i'm not a fan of treadmills myself.

    however, i also had a hot morning run this weekend. yuck.

  4. I love my treadmill. I got mine from the sports authority to deal with the snow. I need to get outside more, seeing as races are not usually run on treadmills :-D

  5. Trying to find a new way to comment since Blogger is hatin' on me.

    I have a treadmill which I like as well as I could like any treadmill and certainly better than sweating beside a sweaty stranger! I'm a little antisocial. TV set up in front. It has a built-in fan which is nice, but a separate fan would work too. Nothing fancy -- we bought it on points so it was "free". I think the brand is Horizon. It doesn't have a bunch of programmed runs, though, which I think I would like.

    Barb at Still Running

  6. I would love to have a treadmill in my house, definitely during the summer. Alas, i don't really have the space or money for it. :P

  7. We had a treadmill for 10 yrs. It died last year. We got ours from Nordictrack. We could afford it b/c they offered a deal - $99/mo for 10 mos. I liked it when I could do the inclines and spice it up. Watching TV while you run is always fun :-)

  8. My mom and step-dad have a treadmill that is never used. I kind of want them to put it outside under the covered part of the deck. I could totally turn on some music, run and just stare at the river!


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