Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catching up

It's already Thursday and I am seriously behind on my exercises this week!
I promise my intentions were good though ...
Anyway .... I better try to catch up.

Monday and Tuesday involved a lot of juggling.
Had a too-long-late-afternoon-nap.
Struggled to get Paddy Wag situated and set up.
Baking 40 cupcakes.
A case of mild depression because Paddy wasn't home when I was.

I got Paddy back!

We went on a leisure 1-mile walk.
It got windy after our walk.
I decided the wind was a welcomed respite from the heat/humidity.
So I laced up those shoes and strapped on the Garmin.
 The tornado sirens went off.  
I guess that meant no running. 

Thursday a.k.a Today.
I got Paddy in my vehicle and we went running/walking.
3 miles of it.
Took too long (about 40 minutes). 
But it was great. 
We took it easy. 
Took walk breaks. 
It was just the two of us. 


  1. ur dog is so cute! all of them are!

    great job on ur 3 miler today....adn who cares if u walked.


  2. I'm so happy your little girl is back home!

    All these tornado sirens everywhere is just crazy! Crazy scary!!

  3. The weather in the midwest is so scary lately.

    Great job on three miles!

  4. Nice job on your 3 miles! And I'm glad your pup's back!

  5. Such great pics! Tornado sirens are scary and there've been way to many lately.

  6. Glad Paddy is back home. Great job on the run!

  7. Glad you have Paddy Back!

  8. The pictures are too cute, you and Pad Wag are BFFs :)

  9. awwwwww. cute photo.

    tornado sirens are scary. glad you are okay.


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