Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mindless Run

I had to make a difficult decision this morning:
(a) Continue sleeping in my bed, wrap myself in my quilt, smell myself on my pillow 
(b) Wake up, get dress, go run.
It was a difficult decision. I missed my bed so much. Nonetheless, I chose (b). I guess, it is clear now. I love running more than sleep.

Prerun Snack: Banana.
Ran: 3 miles, 32:48 seconds.
Route: Treadmill

There's something easy about running on the treadmill. There's no route to plan or decide. You just step on it and run and run and run. My mind wasn't up and working like my body was. Treadmill is definitely the way to go.

Nothing special happened during the run. There weren't a lot of random thoughts either - which was weird because my mind is my entertainment. I guess I just zoned out and left my body for that 30-something minutes.

What have I been working on or loving lately since I got back from my trip?
1) Getting ready to move. We hunted down some boxes and I have been trying to pack the pantry. We are moving to another house in the same town. I'm excited about the move. I think this upcoming house size will be more manageable than where we are right now. But, I just don't enjoy the packing and unpacking though.  In my fantasy world, I want to move to Colorado or Virginia.  :)

2) I re-profess my love for my juicer again.  A trip to Singapore and helping out at my Aunt Sharon's fruit shop has me wanting to juice up every possible fruits! My favorite is still orange, tomato, apple and lemon - all the goodness in a glass with ice. Delish!

3) I also found myself loving avocado milk. Basically, you will blend half an avocado, some skim milk (or soy milk), some agave syrup (or honey) and ice. Blend it and you got a glass of yummy creamy goodness!


  1. Yum! I was just reading a food magazine last night talking about avocado milk - I want to try it!

  2. Sometime those mindless treadmill runs are so great. God bless em.

  3. Moving sucks, but it is exciting at the same time! I always like the fresh start!

    Good girl with your getting up to run. I have a VERY hard time doing that - probably why I am the one running in the dark (at night) all the time.

  4. YEAH for Virginia!!! I wish you would move here!! :)

  5. Avocado anything is awesome!

    Great job choosing B!! =)

  6. I had a tough time getting out of bed this morning but I did it too. We are awesome!


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