Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday 5K

I'm still trying to get over the jet-lag. Today, I finally peeled myself out of bed and headed to the gym.
I HAVE TO, GOT TO get in at least a 5K today.

Yesterday's run was decent. It was hot even though it was only 7ish a.m. when I started.
Today, at 10:00 a.m., I knew I had to run on the treadmill at the Y.

There is something to be said about running in familiar territory. For me, I know where the next incline will be, how close I am to the next "mile-marker", or in today's case, how to work the dang treadmill. I started the run rather easily - at about 11:30/mile pace and increased it gradually. So in a while, there was a negative split. I felt strong up until Mile 2. I wavered a little. But I hung on and kept telling myself that I have to finish 5K so I can come back and tell all my blogging friends I did it.  Besides, anything less than 5K isn't worth writing about, right?  (Yesterday was different. Yesterday was a one-miler but it was with my dogs. Having a dog on your runs gives you a free pass).

I did it. All 5K (3.1 miles) of it in 33:17 minutes.  My knees felt fine. :)
I guess, I didn't lose too much of the cardio-buildup in the two weeks I was rather inactive.

Lastly, I am just happy to be back here.
Happy to be able to connect with y'all over the computer.
Man! I am glad to be back.


  1. nice return to familiar running territory :-)

  2. Great run!!! I guess the vacation was a great way to relax and heal your knees. Sometimes you need a little time off to comeback strong :)

  3. Nice job! Exercise always helps me get over my jet lag, even though it's usually the last thing I want to do.

  4. Great run!!- once you have shaken the jet lag am sure your running will pick up. Hope knees are ok and the problem you had with foot on vacation are sorted.

  5. u r back! yay


  6. Glad you made it back safely!! And great job on the run...especially still recovering from jet lag!

  7. Yay! Nice job!! *I ran a ONE mile run last week, too. Of course, right? I mean there is a reason we are running twins after all!


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