Tuesday, August 23, 2011

C is for cross-training and curbing carbohydrates

Be so proud of me.
I cross-trained today. I went to the Y and lift those dumb bells and worked a solid 30-ish minutes on my back. My triceps are just a teensy weeny sore. I am hoping my back will be sore tomorrow.  The "it hurts so good" kinda sore.  Oooooh!!

I think I ate well today too. I didn't count calories. But I am trying to watch the amount of carbs I take it. Because of running, I have been giving myself the excuse to eat all the carbs I want.  You know, carb-loading even though I am running a 5K.  So, I still want to eat my carbs to fuel up. But I don't need excessive amount of carbs. If you know me, you would know that I can eat a loaf of bread, plain white bread, and a loaf of raisin bread ..... I love bread, and rice, and noodles, and pasta ......

Today breakfast consisted of a Nutella sandwich (1 slice of wheat bread with just enough nutella) and a blackberry protein shake.
Lunch - I didn't do quite as well. It was a fajita taco salad (I only ate 1/4 of the shell and I didn't use sour cream) and I ate some tortilla chips with salsa while waiting for my salad to come. Love Mexican food!
Dinner - Scrambled eggs (1 yolk, 3 whites), lean turkey lunch meat, a slice of wheat bread with some butter, and orange.
I know I am going to have some Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey and some fruits later tonight. 

Basically, I am trying to cut down on my bread, potatoes, and noodles and rice. The carbs I eat will be from fruits and vegetables.  And if I am running the next day, I will be sure to eat enough carbs.
What do you think? Any suggestions?


  1. Good luck with cutting down on the carbs. I am like you, LOVE bread and potatoes!
    I need to get back into a good lunch routine once school starts back. I do better when I am on a schedule.

  2. I love carbs. Rice, pasta and dinner rolls are my BFF. But I've been cutting back as well. I run in the morning and I eat half a clif bar before heading out for a 3-4 mile run, half a bagel for the long run. I think your plan is fine..no reason to bulk up on carbs for a 5k. :-)

  3. I'm doing the same exact thing! I hope it keeps going well for you!

  4. I love me some carbs, too. Good luck on cutting back!


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