Monday, August 22, 2011

Random Monday Thoughts

I still needed some getting used to to get up early in the morning. It will require discipline on my part to retire early for bed every night. As tempted as I was to remain in bed until it was absolutely time for me to get up and get ready for work, I got up anyway. I did not want that lingering guilt over my head the entire day.

The Y's thermostat was set at 70 degrees ( a good 1 degree higher than last week).  I was drenched in my perspiration. At about 15 minutes into the run, I had to stop and adjust the volume of the TV, pressed the wrong button and erased my data on the treadmill.  I think I ran 1.5 miles, but to be conservative, I would say 1.2 mile or so. Anyway, I did a 5K in 36 minutes. It's ok. I wasn't running for time or anything. I just zoned out and listened to my brain talked.

Random Thoughts?
  1. I consider Ruston, LA home. The house we have there is HOME. It is where the heart is. Even though the house is empty now, it is still HOME. It feels like HOME. It might be empty. But there's still a warm fuzzy feeling whenever I am there. 
  2. I cannot wait for 30 degree temperature. I cannot wait to run outside.
  3. I wonder what my new kids will think of me?
  4. I need to go to bed early tonight. 
  5. I really love being caught up on laundry. In fact, I'll do another load tonight! 
  6. I am addicted to Pinterest. 
  7. I like Facebook because I get to connect with friends and family.  The tricky thing is when family of family wants to be friends with you or co-workers whom you aren't too close to want to be friends with you and you really don't want to be friends with them online.  I don't want to worry about what I post (even though all I post about is my dog, my running, and my food). 
So what's one random thought of yours today?


  1. Totally agree about FB!
    Way to go getting in you run today!

  2. i have the same FB dilemma, don't we all?

    My random thought: August is a misfit month sandwiched between July, which is very summery and September, which seems like the start of fall.

  3. I ran today in long sleeves and capris. Heaven!

  4. I hate deleting the data on the treadmill. I spend the rest of the run trying to figure out the mathematics of what I have left to run. Yuck.
    Random thoughts? I've been thinking about swimming a lot lately. I've found a gym that I can get to before going to work so I don't disrupt family time. Is it crazy to get to the pool at 5am?

  5. I ran outside at lunch! And it was awesome. Not too many random thoughts, as most of my brain power was occupied with changing my route when I hit unexpected road construction.

  6. I'm happy you are friends with me on FB! :)

  7. I love Pinterest too!! Totally obsessed. :)


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