Thursday, August 25, 2011

Christina Completes Cross-Training

Another day of cross-training successfully completed. This is definitely a first!
I worked my legs today - squats, lunges, adducting and abducting the hip/thighs. At the end of the 30-odd minutes session, my legs were almost like Jell-O. I didn't want to "over-worked" it since I have 8 miles on the schedule for my long run this weekend. I can feel a little teensy weensy slight "ooooh" on my hamstrings. :) I also got onto the ball and did some crunches. 

Did I just say Eight Freaking Miles? 
It has been a while since I broke the 6-mile mark.  Eight miles is going to be a lot.  It will also be eight miles on the treadmill.  Since the boyfriend has no agenda for the weekend on working on the house, I am going to have to do my long run on Friday morning. 
The Good? I'll get it done and will be free to enjoy my weekend.
The Bad? I'll have to wake up at 5 to be done by 6:30ish tomorrow.  So that means, no hitting the snooze button.

What did I eat today?
Breakfast: 1 scoop protein powder + banana + 5 strawberries + handful spinach + skim milk + ice = Green Monster
Lunch: Fajita taco salad (only ate 1/3 of the crispy shell) + some chips + salsa + Diet Mt. Dew
Dinner: Leftovers - yesterday's chicken and noodles (I think it's ok to have some carbs tonight since I will be running some 8 miles tomorrow morning.) 
Snack: I ate 1 serving of peach rings. I love this candy. So chewy. So tasty. But not all peach rings are made the same. Just like not all Icee are made the same.

Reflections on my food intake:  For lunch, I could have not eaten any of that crispy shell. But man, I did exert some self control and ate 1/3 of it.  I probably shouldn't have bought those peach rings because that's just pure sugar = carbs.



  1. Peach rings are worth a few carbs! Great job on the workout. I love getting my long run done on Fridays so I can really enjoy the weekends!

  2. Good luck on your 8 miles tomorrow, you will do great!

  3. Go you for crossing training! I only do squats, lunges, anything upper body when I have my personal trainer appt each week...b/c he makes me do it :-)
    Good luck with the 8-miler!

  4. Strength training is great! Good for you!

    Have a great eight in the morning!!!!

    I totally would not have been able to stop 1/3 of the way through the shell. Delicious. Nice self-control!


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