Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fillers - No Pipe Dream and No Tooth Fairy

Let me shoot for 5 filler things for Friday.

My butt cheeks hurt.
My quads hurt.
My hamstrings hurt.
My back hurts.
My triceps hurts.
But I am feeling FABULOUS!!!!
It's a good hurt/sore. It means cross-training this week was a success. I'm LOVING IT! 

I got up early at 5-ish and headed to Y. I ran 8 miles in about 96 minutes on the treadmill.
I've got the proof!!!! And being blurry... you know I was still running while taking this shot!

The run got progressively easier actually. Not faster, but it felt like everything was falling into place. It wasn't a pipe dream to finish the 8 miles. It was possible. Everything and anything was possible. And I am going to make it happen.
I'll make things happen with a smile. :)

I got home from my run and Limit (the dog I am dog-sitting) came up to me. And pop... out comes the tooth. Upon closer examination, I think it must have been a carcass he was chewing on or something and not his actual tooth.

During therapy, little girl told me this .....
Little Girl: Mommy gave Daddy time out.
Me: Why?
Little Girl: Cos' Daddy bad.
Me: What did he do?
Little Girl: Cos' Daddy didn't listen to mommy.

Breakfast: Protein powder + 1 orange + skim milk + ice + orange yogurt 
Lunch: Subway chicken teriyaki sandwich + baked chips + diet Coke
Snack: Skinny Cow chocolate wafer thing (delicious)
Dinner: I'm going to make something with chicken breast. For dessert, I am going to have a medley of fruits.


  1. Nice job on your 8! I've got 8 this weekend and because of Irene I may be on the mill - hope I can do as well as you did!

  2. Congrats on 8 miles done, that's awesome!

  3. 8 miles! And on the treadmill, no less. Awesome job! Enjoy your weekend. :)


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