Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's talk 10K, boob muscles and Pippa

Saturday's long run was postponed to today. (More about that later)
I ran a 10K (6.2 miles) on the treadmill after work today.
All 6.2 miles in 70 minutes 32 seconds.

I am proud.
I am happy.
I am stoked.
This run tells me I can do 10K despite the lackluster training runs.
This 10K is a little less than a half marathon.
That means I can do a half marathon in October.
Surely, I can. 
I know I can.

Random Weekend and Random Thoughts: 

This weekend was another one spent out cleaning up the yard.
  Me, in PJs, lopping the holly bush, which in reality, had turned into a small holly tree.

At the end of Sunday, we've got a trailer full of yard waste. 
Needless to say, my boob muscles are slightly sore today. 
According to my running journaling on blogger, last year's August 20ish is when mid 60s-degree weather graced us in the mornings.... I am looking forward to that.

Last random thought, I am so interested in Pippa Middleton right now. I am thinking, "How does this girl stay so fit and active?" and MOST importantly, "What does she eats to give her all the energy for her to be active and still have such a good body?"

There you go - weekend and Monday all wrapped up in one post. Resting tomorrow and will run again Wednesday! :) 


  1. Pippa is a triathlete and she and her mom do the Dukan diet. I'm a celeb stalker apparently! Or tlc just aired a show all about Pippa. You can take your pick.
    Awesome awesome awesome on the 10k!

  2. AWESOME 10k!!! I'm so happy for you and of course you can do the half. You did it TWICE before! Piece of cake this time :)

  3. Do boobs have muscles? Had to laugh at this one. Congrats on the 10K.

  4. Great job on the 10k! Great to know you can ROCK the half!

  5. yay for 10k!

    u asked when i am running this week. well, i am running a 30 k race on the saturday, so i am trying to take it easy. im gonna just run wed and thursday with my training group. Wed- easy 6k and Thursday - HILLS.
    ill email you some hill workouts!

    have a great Tuesday :)

  6. Nice job on the run and the boob workout! Of COURSE you can do it--more than enough!

  7. You can do the half! I have no doubt!

  8. Great job! You will definately be ready for the half by October. Don't doubt yourself!

  9. Of course you can do the half!! You're doing great - i have no doubts in you. :)

  10. Those Middleton sisters certainly do have amazing bodies!

    That's an awesome 10K time. Go You!!!

    (Sorry I am waaaaayyy behind on posts, but then you already knew that!)

  11. Hahah, sorry about the boob muscles :/, hopefully they're feeling better now!?!?

    I just saw parts of a show on TLC about Pippa...I was shocked they had an entire show on her. I should have told you ahead of time :).

  12. Great workout! How did the 10k feel physically? You are going to rock that half. :) Keep up the good work!

  13. Off to look up the Dukan Diet. I am totally intrigued by her and Kate.

    Great job on the 10K!


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