Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Money Can't Buy


Tomorrow I have to run.
I think I am supposed to do another 30 minutes, but I may not.
Hoping I will get to bed early, and get up early to run tomorrow.
Maybe a 5-miler on the treadmill?
Maybe another 30 minutes?
Oh well, I will just run according to how my legs feel. 

Can't believe this week is almost ending. 
And I thought Monday wasn't ever going to end.


  1. running is 90% mental the rest is physical. you can do it.

  2. Love that motivation. Glad the week is going by for you quickly!

  3. Good luck with the run tomorrow!

    I love that Nike motivation. That's how I feel so often, my co-workers trying to convince me to go to lunch with them when I already have my workout bag in hand, ready to get out the door. But I feel way better doing that than having another trip to Five Guys.

    (though I do love Five Guys!)

  4. Love it! This week is speeding by for me as well.

  5. looooove looooove this!


  6. I love it! And that is what I feel like. People always ask me about TV shows at work and if I watched. I just always look at them and say No, I was running.


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