Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Baby proofing your homes applies even to puppies. 
Paddy Wag nibbled on a bar of rat poison sometime between last night and this morning.
We called the Animal Poison hotline and then took her to the vet. 
(This is Paddy Wag, enjoying having her neck scratched).
 She spent the day at the vet. Vet said she will be fine. 
We'll be doing some medicine taking for the next week. 
She is not supposed to be doing any jumping, running, or anything strenuous for a little while. 

I'm hoping the family member would move all her stuff in the porch to the storage soon.
That way, the porch will stay empty, except for some furniture, for Paddy Wag. 
It just didn't occur to me that there would be rat poison out there. 

I guess, I will be running without Paddy Wag tomorrow.


  1. Glad the pup is not poisoned! ;)

  2. when i saw the title of this blog post, i thought that maybe you are trying to tell us something. lol.
    but its about the puppy. glad the puppy is ok!

  3. Aww, poor Paddy. But at least you figured it out and got her to vet. Poor girl, she'll miss her run time with you tonight for sure!

  4. Yikes, I'm glad Paddy is ok!! Scary to think about. :(

  5. OMG!!! I'm glad your little sunshine will be fine. Oh man, this must have been sooo scary for you!

  6. Yikes! Glad he is ok. My Flash would eat just about anything...never anything poisonous, though. I think it is a Lab thing.


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