Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random Thoughts on the Treadmill.

Since Paddy Wag is supposed to take it easy for the next week or so, I went to the Y this evening to get my run in.  The motivation was kinda on-and-off for me today. So, when it went off, I got changed, and when I felt it come back on, I got Paddy into my vehicle, dropped her off with my boyfriend, and went to the Y for a run. Yes!

I guess, mentally, I have sort of settled for 30 minutes or 3 miles.  When the 30 minutes was up, I felt that I can do the remaining and round the mileage off to 3 miles. I did speed intervals and, I must say, when I was supposed to go fast, I went fast. (And when I was supposed to go slow, I did took it slow too)

So, 3 miles in 32 or 33 minutes. Not shabby. But nothing impressive.
It's another 3 miles logged. :)

Random Thoughts:
1. Having a dog is almost like having a child. And I would have never thought I would become a dog-mommy.
a) Your car gets dirty shuttling your child/dog around.
b) You gotto clean up poop.
c) You gotto make sure they take their medicines.
d) Children/Dogs have morning emergencies and get sick and need to go see the doc/vet.
e) Children/dogs can be spoilt.
f) I don't want my puppy to grow up. :(

Do you have anything to add to this list?
Do share.

Three more weeks to my half marathon!!!


  1. - you stay up all night when they are sick
    - when they are sick you feel really bad for them and do everything in order to make them feel better
    - you spoil them, especially when they are sick
    - you cuddle with them
    ... I could go on forever!! ;)

  2. you love to just snuggle them
    they make you happy!

    Your half will be here before you know it!

  3. Children/dogs need lots of praise to keep them doing the right thing!

    So glad to hear Paddy is feeling well (I tried to comment on that earlier today, but when I comment while at work, sometimes my comment vaporizes and never actually posts).

  4. They totally are like kids! But a little bit better in my opinion. ;)

    3 weeks, awesome!! Hope you are getting excited!

  5. Our dog George is more work than a child. But we still love him. That should say something :-)

  6. You talk to your partner about your dog's eating and pooping habits. You'll do the same with your kiddies.
    Three weeks!!

  7. I totally agree on all of the dog things! I always have a towel (a pretty blue one) over my back car seat just for the dog. And now it has her favorite big blanket so she can get comfy on car trips. She is so spoiled. Then there is the constant nose mark on the window in the back. I have to keep hurrying this week in the morning before work so I can get her medicine to her every day. I just love her! We have lucky dogs!


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