Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cleaning Up

After my  dirty post yesterday, I was inspired. I cleaned out my vehicle and the screened in porch, and the kitchen and put away a couple of boxes from our move. It is amazing how I want to gut those junk out of my life when I decide to start fresh, start new, start clean.

Food wise, I did much better. I was crunched for time this morning so I didn't get to have breakfast. I had to have lunch with a couple of co-workers before our parent-teacher conferences. They chose to eat at a Mexican restaurant and instead of going for something really greasy, I stuck to a soft taco and a chicken enchilada.

For dinner, I just had the most delicious bowl of Greek yogurt, grapes, mango chunks, a light sprinkle of granola and a light drizzle of honey. I am going to be drinking lots of water tonight. And if I am hungry later tonight, I'll probably have a few slices of lunch meat.

I'm still feeling junky. But it is a positive first step taken today. Tomorrow will be better. I'll plan my meals better.

Today, I ran on the treadmill. I did 2 miles in 20:25 minutes. It is one of the faster runs I have done in a while. I did incorporate some walking, which brought the average pace down to a 10:00+/mile. But when I was actually running, it was in the mid 9:00 range. To run faster, I have to train faster. I am looking at working harder at running faster so I can proudly and certainly say that I have a PR. I don't want to PR just by a mere few seconds. I want to PR by at least a minute or two. Between now and the start of my next training, I will be running speed intervals and logging in some miles.

That's all there is for today. It is Tuesday and there are exactly 3 more work days before the weekend is here.


  1. YEAH!! Great pace on your run!!! Intervals will make you faster :)

    And the food looks soo yummy!! I sometimes wish I could hire my own chef, who would go grocery shopping and cook fresh healthy food for me :)

  2. I agree with Christine....intervals are the key. I am already running 9min miles on short runs.

  3. Nice job on your run! Treadmills are great for interval training - I need to do more of it!

  4. Good job getting back on track!

  5. Good job getting your meals back on track. Planning out meals certainly helps me so that I'm not stuck eating whatever's available.

    And you are sooooo right, to race faster you have to train faster! Sometimes it is hard to step out of your comfort zone, but you can do it!

  6. You just sound so awesome today!! Go Twin!!


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