Monday, November 14, 2011

I Feel So Dirty.

I need to write this post to remind me how awfully dirty and miserable I am right now.

Eww! I am so disgusted with myself.
My belly has literally been stuffed with nasty fast food and junk food since late Thursday.
Yikes, right?
Pizza, cheeseburger, McDonald's, Sonic, Taco Hell, Wendy's, KFC.
ALL of that.
No wonder I am miserable right now.
Totally miserable.
And so disgusted with myself.

Here the plan for the rest of this week.
 I am replacing this:

with lots of this....

Why did I even choose the nasty junk food to begin with? The second picture is visually so appealing and happy and stimulating instead of that nasty brown picture on the top. Argh!! I am going to flush all these nasty bits in my stomach out with lots of fruits and vegetables!!!


  1. I should follow your lead here. I've been sitting at my desk thinking about McDonald's grilled cheese and fries. I don't NEED that. Ugh, I will try to be like you!!!

  2. Sometimes a big ol greasy cheeseburger really hits the spot but then ugh. It is amazing how all that fast food can start dragging you down. Too bad it tastes so good!

  3. Sometimes it's great to eat what you crave, but I totally know how it can lead to more and more junk. Don't feel bad, just find a healthy meal and start over!

  4. best wishes with the plan for clean eating

  5. Don't beat yourself up with it, all what matters is you realized it and you will change today. Good luck with it!!

  6. I am with are aware and want to make a change. The first step in changing behavior. And, you have all of us to hold you accountable :-)

  7. uve been a bad bad girl!!!!
    its hard to get back on track after a few days like that....but you can do it!


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