Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eleven Random Useless Facts.

Let's get November really going with some 11 random useless facts about ME! 
  1. I outran September's 44 miles and did 47 miles in October. For November, I am shooting for 50 miles.
  2. I have never carved a pumpkin before. Or bought a real pumpkin.
  3. I also have never dyed Easter eggs either. 
  4. I used to really celebrate my birthday. Now, it's just another day. 
  5. I'm going to run/walk 3.2 miles tomorrow to celebrate my birthday. Will you run with me too? 
  6. I'm taking Paddy Wag too because she was born last year, in the first week of November.
  7. I am getting braces in a couple of weeks.
  8. I made cornbread dressing once last week. And again yesterday. 
  9. I make some pretty darn kick-ass cornbread dressing.
  10. I sucked at cooking Chinese dishes. Except wantons. I make some definitely awesome kick-ass, knock your socks off wantons. 
  11. I love November! Think this might be my favorite month out of the year and it isn't even because it's my birthday month. The corn bread dressing. The cold. The boots. The leaves. What's not to love?


  1. Happy Birthday!!! Wish you and Paddy Wag all the best!! May all your dreams come true :)

    I don't know when Lucky was born, but I adopted him 3 days before my birthday. So we always celebrate our birthdays together as well!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday - will do 3.2 miles by way of cewlebration - Good luck on 50 for November

  3. happy birthday! i'm travelling for a wedding, but i'll try to fit in 3.2 miles for you. :-)

  4. Happy birthday! It's my birthday month too, so yes- November is my favorite month!
    I'll dedicate 3.2 of my miles tomorrow to you!

  5. I just ran 3... if I would've read this before I left the house, I would've made it 3.2 for you! But don't worry, I'll get in that 0.2 and more from walking around today. :)

    Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Happy birthday, Paddy! And Happy birthday to YOU! :)

  7. I love November, too! The weather is changing, the colors are all orange and red, there is lots of yummy food .... AND..... we celebrate!



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