Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Tea Bag Tells Me:

Happy Birthday to Myself. 
I love just being with my quiet self and the boyfriend.
And I went on a 3-miler or so run/walk with Paddy Wag. 
Just another ordinary but very pleasant day.

I love it is a lot cooler than the triple-digit temperatures we had in the summer.
Love it! 
Love drinking hot tea.
My tea bag says this: 


  1. Is it your birthday? If so happy birthday. Enjoy those walk/runs with your dog and the cooler temps.

  2. Happy Birthday! Perfect tea bag for the day!

  3. Wonderful tea bag! :) HAppy bday! :)

  4. That is great quote! Hope you had a fabulous birthday. :)

  5. What a perfect tea bag for the day!!

  6. Happy birthday! I'm glad you got to spend your special day with your favorite guy and your favorite gal!


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