Monday, December 12, 2011

The Weekend, Food and Santa's Loot, and Goodies in the Mail.

On Saturday, I drove to the "big city" to visit a family member (it is my boyfriend's family, but he is as good as mine) in the hospital and then off to Sam's Club to pick up my treadmill. 
It was utter chaos at Sam's. Got two guys to help me load the treadmill onto my vehicle and they were trying to convince me that it wasn't going to fit! Just because the treadmill box doesn't slide all the way in doesn't mean it is NOT going to fit. I had called for measurements and cleared out my 4Runner and had all the seats down for this treadmill. There is NO way I am leaving Sam's without my treadmill. 

 Then, I went to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant and ate some pho. 
It is just some beef broth (really good, simmered for long hours beef broth), thinly sliced brisket and flank steak, rice noodles, jalapenos, bean sprouts, basil, and lime juice. 

Got home late. 
Left all the Christmas in my vehicle so the boyfriend can help unload the next day.
There are a lot of other stuff stashed on the sides and this picture is horrible!

My manly man-friend got this heavy sucker moved into the house, all the way to the guest bedroom.
 And this is the main body of the treadmill.

 The instructions did call for 2 people to assemble. 
It should also call for some patience. 
I also had to go to the store to buy some screwdriver, wrench, and long-nosed pliers
because the boyfriend left his tool box at work.
And we took A LOT of breaks because I was getting aggravated. 

Now, it is UP and Running!!! 
I have yet to actually do a real run on it. 
The virgin ride...
Oh my... It has to be perfect!
(I will unveil the new treadmill and the virgin run!)

In the mail ...
I got this holiday postcard from Kyria
She gets bitten by the travel bug quite often ....

 I also FINALLY received my birthday present from my best friend all the way from Singapore. 
Love the card ... Ewe is kinda goat (and I am born in the year of the goat).
And a Mandarin CD.
Mandarin CDs help keep me brushed up on my Mandarin. Really. 
Thank you, my bestest friend!! 

And I am a messy desk person. And I rarely have a spot that is kinda presentable. 
So here, relish.
The snowflake mug is from Hallmark.
My former boss at the papers gave that to me at our Christmas party when I was working at the papers. He was a weird fella and while I don't agree with how he handled a lot of stuff, I was always professional and respectful (since he is my supervisor and he is my elder).
But this mug ... oh my... I love this mug. (Well, his wife picked it out cos she worked at Hallmark).
I use it all year round. But during the holidays, the red and the snowflake ... it is simply festive!

Got anything fun other than bills in the mail?
Tell me!!!!


  1. A treadmill - how cool! Can't wait to hear how you like it!

  2. Can't wait to hear about the virgin run :)

  3. So excited that you got your treadmill!

    We have started getting Christmas cards in the mail. I love seeing the pictures of everyone else's kids growing up, too -- growing up too fast, sometimes!!!

  4. Yaaaay treadmill! My mail has been boring lately :(


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