Tuesday, December 13, 2011

THE Virgin Run Along with Trash TV

This morning drive was absolutely gorgeous.
This picture just doesn't do it any justice.
It was foggy. It was quiet. It was just kinda mysterious.

I came home after work, leashed up Paddy Wag, and went for walk.
We rolled around on the ground too.
It might be my first time rolling around on the ground, directly on the grass.

 Braces and goofy face?
Million dollar picture right there!

 I love taking pictures of her. I always look at how big she has become. Last year, she was a mere puppy.

Look at Paddy Wag.
Such a photo snob.

I came home and was ready to get into the shower and clean up.
But as I walked past the guest bedroom, I saw my treadmill just standing there.
So, I laced up those shoes, got my shorts and top on, grabbed the lap top and started running.
No excuse anymore!!!!
But first, gotto get some trashy tv streamed onto the laptop.
How about some Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
(Side note: I streamed a documentary about Queen Elizabeth, but I can't hear it. And it takes quite a bit to concentrate. Nothing beats mindless rambling TV).
But I don't think I can bring myself to watch another episode of it.
I cannot stand watching kids mouthing off to their parents/step parents.
Please make some suggestions.
I need mindless TV/movies on Netflix. Something like Friends or Seinfeld would be great too.

Pardon the weird smile.
I have been smiling weird lately because of the braces.
It's like if I don't do it right, the metal parts will be poking out of my lips.
And I am so conscious that I will have a piece of spaghetti dangling off the braces.
Really. That happened.

First run. Done.
I was going to stop at 5K, but the show was still going, so I kept running.
The calories burned is a little skewed... I think.
It was a slow run because I had to walk a few times to get the tv/movie set up the way I wanted it to.
There you go. Virgin Run.


  1. Shows: How I met your mother, Weeds, Community, Chuck, Californication...I could keep going :-)

  2. I was wondering what trashy tv was for you.

    I am watching NCIS right now but love Grey's Anatomy, TheGood Wife is the best, Modern Family, need more?

  3. Nice run! I like running to slow, simple movies - like something on the Lifetime or Hallmark channel. Easy to follow along!

  4. AWESOME!!! Lately I watch tv shows on www.hulu.com. It's free!! Right now I watch the current Biggest Loser Season :)

  5. Great job getting the virgin run in! and yay for getting a treadmill! I wish I had one of those so bad!


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