Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm Not My Typical Me.

At least not last night or today.

Maybe it is hormonal.
Afterall, it is almost THAT time of the month. (Sorry, TMI)

Instead of doing the yoga I had planned, I spent that time on Lululemon's website.
Instead of letting my money sit in the bank to make that $0.001 interest, I bought my first Lululemon's paraphernalia.
yoga - excuses
Clearly they had forgotten another reason.
" I spent my spare time coveting and shopping on Lululemon's website."

 Instead of doing yoga as my 15 minutes of move yesterday, I worked with Paddy Wag on the heeling command.  We practiced walking from one end of the porch to the other. 
Then, we danced a little.
She kinda does a little of the Elaine Dance.
Today, I came home from work and took a good ol' nap on the couch.
I even ordered pizza for the boyfriend so I didn't have to cook.
And I am browsing and reading blog posts hoping that someone will have a post that says,
"Get off your bottom and MOVE!"
I officially have 2.5 hours to get a 3-miler in before this day is over.
I. Will. Get. It. In.
Yes. I. Will.
Yes. I. BETTER!!! 


  1. You can do it! 3 miles is totally going to happen. Dream of Lululemon as you run!

  2. So, did you get in your 3 miles late at night?

    I would have a hard time with that so late in the evening!

  3. Dangerous to start shopping Lulu. It becomes a habit.

  4. Sorry I am behind on posts...get up and run!!!!


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