Monday, January 9, 2012

What's Cooking? Chicken Pot Pie Soup

It has been a rainy and a rather cool day.
All day long, I wanted something hot.
Hot maple brown sugar oatmeal.
Hot cocoa.
Hot milky tea.
There nothing more soothing than a comforting warm stream of yummy down your throat and into your belly.

A day like this means it is a day for soup. I decided to try and make Skinnytaste's Chicken Pot Pie Soup.
I almost followed all her instructions. I tweaked just a little. Here are my tweaks.

  • I used 3 chicken bullion cubes and added a little more pepper, thyme, salt.  The bullion cubes were some cheap store-brand kind so maybe that's why it lacked some "oomph." This is the reason why I added an extra one.  
  • Instead of using cooked chicken breasts toward the end, I just dumped raw chicken tenderloins (cut   into small bite-sized chunks) right after I added the vegetables and let the entire pot boil and simmer and cook.  
  • Tip: Cut your vegetables into small chunks. They get cooked quicker. 
My chicken pot pie soup
Skinnytaste does a MUCH better job at photographing this dish. 

The boyfriend and I enjoyed this soup as it is, without any extra bread or crackers.  I am sure it would be really good with some lightly buttered toast/rolls.  I can probably fancied (fattened) it up by topping a bowl of the soup with some crust and heat it in the oven. 

For such a satisfying bowl of soup, the fat content is really little. You get some carbs and you get your protein. It was yummy. Boyfriend said this is a keeper. (His only suggestion was to use less peas. However, it was those frozen bag of mixed vegetables I got from Wal-Mart so, until I find mixed vegetables with fewer peas, he just might have to bear with that.) 

Monday is rest day from running for me. I will be doing some yoga or core workout later this evening. 


  1. Mmm... that looks delicious! We are looking at rain later this week and have 2 crock-pot meals on the menu. Yum!

  2. What a cool idea - pot pie soup! Sounds great for a cold, rainy day.

  3. Mmm - I've been wanting to make some soups this winter. Now I have a craving for chicken pot pie (soup or not)!

  4. We had the exact same thing last night! So YUM! Can't wait to have it for lunch today.

  5. soup looks good. I am soooo into soup right now. hahah. all i crave is a hot bowl of soup...and its not even that cold here in Canada.
    I might try this on Sunday. thnx for the suggestion.
    any other soups you have up your sleeve...please share! thnx


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