Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Looking Ahead: February

January was good. But let's see if I can make February a little better. 

  • Cross train! Cross train!! Cross train!!!!   - Dream Big Runner hosted a 100K run for January. For February, we are going all-so-strong with 100 push-ups a week.  Check out her blog for details and also here.   Also, I will continue with my yoga stretches. 
  • Run more than the 74 miles I ran in January. 
  • Pull myself out of a gossip/tattle tale situation at least once a day. 
  • Do ONE thing that I wouldn't normally do or like to do or have done this month.
  • Cook more. Eat less. Include more colors. Drink more water. 
  • Watch the grocery budget. Do I really need to buy 5 other new ingredients to make a new dish that is kinda similar to the other dish I was making before? Nope!! 
  • Get the guest bedroom tidied up already, Christina!!! 
I am not listing a big long list of to-dos. That usually backfires on me. I am a procrastinator when it comes to things I don't really want to do. So, by having a month to accomplish it, I won't feel like a total loser week after week after week. :) Who wants to be losers, right? This is a Winners-Only blog! 

What is your MAIN goal / challenge for February? 
DO SHARE!!!! (Cos I may steal it for next month!) 
Kidding. Nope. 


  1. One goal I have is to keep improving my mile split time so that I will do the 15K super-fast (for me) the first weekend in March. My other revolves around making it through a some recent challenges at work with my sanity intact. :) I guess running to keep my sanity will help on those mile splits!

  2. Love the cook more, eat less, add more colors! My goal for Feb...just read your blog title...lace it up and RUN!!!

  3. I like the do one thing I wouldn't normally do. I need that goal.

  4. I hope to survive the push-up challenge! :)

  5. yay for push ups! i just signed up!
    good luck


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