Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Month in Review: January

The last day of the first month of the year. 
It's already 9:45 p.m. and I am sitting here with just one glass of my favorite white wine. 
I don't think I will log any miles on the treadmill tonight. 

January has been pretty darn good. 
I took part in Christine's (Dream Big Runner) challenge to run 100K this month and I did it! 
This month's running total is a pretty 74 miles. 
While I am shy of about 10 miles to hit 84 (which is my personal secret wish), 
the above chart assures me that it is quite ok to just take the 74 and be happy. 
I have outdone 2011's January mileage, and this month's is actually one of my higher mileage logged. 
February will be better right? 

Here's how I have been doing in terms of achieving my big picture 2012 goals. 
I am not quite on track with the 84 miles/month goal but I am getting there. 

To stay injury-free, I have been doing some basic quick yoga stretches. 

I haven't been keeping a good track on the 15-minutes of move but so far, I have been moving more. To be really liberal, I probably miss a day each week. 

My barely-there fitness achievements are likely to help me get Personal Goal #1 achieved. I think I have officially lost 1.5 lb because they haven't really came back. 

I am working on becoming more graceful, patient and kind. I am try to avoid dwelling on less ideal circumstance and talk about something more positive. It is not easy, but I am working on it. 

As far as home front, I am cooking at least 3 times a week (usually with meals that will leave us with leftovers for the next day). I have started back at baking bread.  I am spending more time with Paddy Wag - walking her, and even when I am doing work on the computer, I will take it out to the porch and sit with her.  I do make it a point to take time to put things away at night. Serving the family - YES! I am doing it well. Helped the boyfriend at work sorting wood pieces, sweeping saw dust, getting wood for our uncle and aunt so they can burn it in their wood stove. It's all good! 

Sorry this has gotten so wordy. :) 


  1. Im having a hard time digesting that January is over. But nice job on your goals thus far! Month to month re-evaluation keeps them strong!

    Moving 15 minutes per day is something I'd never have come up with, but would be great...especially for lazy Sundays.

  2. What a perfect start to the year!! Thanks for joining my challenge, you might be lucky and win a price :)


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