Sunday, January 8, 2012

The "Po-Po" Chased Me!

First thing first.
** Please say a little prayer for Sherry Arnold, a runner who has been missing since Saturday.**
You can read more about it her (edited 1/9/12 to include this link).

Nothing like a little Blondie, Madonna, Rihanna, Kylie, and Sting and the Police to get you running fast.

I just had the most GLORIOUS run in a long time.
Three miles on the treadmill in just under 30 minutes.
I gave it ALL.
Sheer awesome.

According to the Dailymile, this was a 9:52/mile pace.
My top fastest pace to date.

Week one of January is done. It seemed like forever for this week to be over.
Here's a look at how I fared this week.
1. Running 20 miles - checked!
2. My 15 minutes of move everyday - checked!
3. Help a family member with a "thing" - checked!
4. Tackle the study - not quite. But I haven't made more mess.

This week:
  1. Run 20 miles. (with long run of 8 miles).
  2. 15 minutes of move everyday.
  3. Cook at least 3 times this week (That's 3 nights + 1 night of leftovers).
  4. Spend 10 minutes putting things away at the house before bed.
  5. Do one special thing for the boyfriend this week.
  6. Give myself a manicure and pedicure.
  7. Be diligent about flossing EVERY night.


  1. Sad, did Sherry go missing actually while running?

    Nice job on the first week of 2012!! I got the stomach flu so I missed my first week's goal by 1.4 miles. Lol lame

  2. christina, you rock! great job on the first week and on that awesome ruN! YAY!

    did Sherry the runner really go missing? from where? what is the full story?

  3. Prayers for Sherry.

    Congrats on achieving your goals this week!

  4. Great job, Christina! Doesn't it feel good to check things off your list? Here's to checking off all your items on this week's list!

  5. Amazing how this week turned out, especially after your little dog-walk accident! So glad you are feeling good and running is better than ever!!

  6. Go Christina! Checking things off lists is one of my favorite things to do :-)


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