Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

I was supposed to run yesterday. But I went to bed at 6:45 p.m. Yep.  This is why I ran a 10K today - you know, three for yesterday, three for today, 0.2 thrown in just for good measure. The timer thing was off. I believe my time is somewhere around the 1:10 vicinity.

Saw a pig yesterday going to work just grazing in front of someone's yard. Like a real pink, round pig from Babe. I have never seen a pig like that before. I was excited and it made me want to buy a pig. And a cow. A black cow with a white stripe on its forehead.

While doing speech therapy today, I was talking to a preschooler and was checking out his oral structures. He asked me, "Why do you have those train tracks looking things on your teeth?" (referring to my braces). Haha. I had such a good chuckle!

Had my first orthodontic appointment since he "installed" the braces in November. He said, "Boy you have teeth going everywhere." I like this dude. He is candid and I love it! 

I want babies. Yes. I guess, if it happens, I can only pop ONE baby out this year, so technically, it should be baby. But yeah. I need to convince my very traditional parents about this very untraditional decision. Heck. While I won't get stoned, they might disown me and claim the baby as their own? 

This week training is light. Just a bunch of 3-milers with tempos and what nots. I screwed up with the schedule since I swapped rest days.  So, I am going to log the 20 miles I need to log and run the tempo run and race pace run. Everything else remains on a "how-my-legs-feel" kinda deal.

Still loving my Lululemon.

And at the risk of sounding vain, my calves are FIT, STRONG, MUSCULAR, and POWERFUL! I LOVE THEM!


  1. Baby??? Another puppy or a real baby? Good for you!!!

  2. Wow, this IS random! But I like it.
    Pigs are soooo cute when they are teeny. But they get big, FAST! Kind of like babies, ha!

  3. Seeing as we are twins, we need to coordinate babies! ;)

    That is adorable about the pig. I had a dream that I had a little piglet as a pet. Its belly was so round - I was disappointed when I woke up and it wasn't real.

  4. so random! I stalk the lululemon we made too much section...but I have yet to buy anything. :-/

  5. Whoa I. Love how you slipped that baby randomness in there. You go girl!
    I confess I'm kind of scared to step in the Lulu store most days. I have a couple of things but I don't wanna slip into that vortex.

  6. Hi Christina, thanks for your comment on my "I'm stuck" post. Ideally I would find a job close by my boyfriend's house, any production planning/logistics/admin would be perfect. NO managing position. I would rather take a pay cut and be happy and have my life again!

  7. I love this post because this sounds exactly like a typical day in my thoughts. So much randomness and it's great!

  8. We started the adoption process before married, eloped, etc. All to say, we were forgiven by my husband's Indian parents...if they were forgiving, yours might be as well. PS - love the train track comment. Preschoolers have no filters...just say what is on their mind :-)


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