Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stink Stank Stunk.

I have been tired and sleepy and while I did my runs, I just haven't blogged about it because I am tired. I really just want a day or two of doing absolutely nothing with nothing to worry about, but just sit and read a book, and drink some hot tea. That's all. Do you have days like that?

On Friday night (bordering Saturday), I ran 4.5 miles in 49:16 minutes. 
After that, I took a nice hot shower and slept like a baby.
On Saturday, I slept in. Like, really in. Then, it was time for me to hit the "big city" to do some grocery shopping for Chinese New Year (which falls on Monday). We always get new clothes, shoes, underwear, jewelry for the new year, so I decided to go get a new top or something. 
 I ended up getting a coral dress, a white sweater, a pair of black pants and a striped shirt. 
These are mostly for work except for the dress,
which I plan on wearing it to a friend's wedding in March.
I bought everything from Forever 21 except the black pants which I got at TJ Maxx.
I don't spend a lot of money on work clothes because I work with pre-K kiddos and I do scoot my bottom across carpets and get Play-Doh or paint or marker marks all over me.

 Also at TJ Maxx, I needed 2 round cake pans because I have lost my round pans during our move 
and I needed more wine glasses.

I also shopped at some Asian grocery stores
for ingredients that I can't get at your usual regular grocery store. 
Not shown are wanton skins, baby bok choy, ginger garlic paste and some Chinese vinegar. 
That aloe drink is tasty because it has corn syrup. So not exactly your health-food. 
I love sardines. I know, they smell bad. But I love them. I love anchovies too!
That canned longans - those are really tasty canned fruit. 
I love canned fruit - peaches, fruit cocktails, tangerines. It is like eating dessert but not quite as bad. 
The jar with the yellow lid is some chili pepper concoction - smells bad but taste good.
The jar with the blue lid - that is gold!
It is Thai and it's called Tom Yum. It is a base/paste for tangy, spicy, lemongrass soup.
It's also really good to do a shrimp stir fry.
Ok, did I freak you out with all these stinky Asian food? 

Also went to a regular grocery store to buy regular grocery.
It was 10 deodorants for $10 and this is the ONLY brand the boyfriend likes.
Trust me. He is not stink, stank, stunk!
There is something about cereal in a big bag and I always fall for it. 
I just love BIG BAG cereal.
One time, pre-Paddy Wag days, I bought a big bag of brown chocolate balls cereal because it resembles dog food and I so wanted a dog so very badly.

Today (Sunday) was 6 miles on the plan. Once I got to 6 miles, I realized I needed another 0.4 mile to round it up to a weekly mileage of 20. So I did another 0.4.
The entire run was set on a 1% incline.
I felt good, even though I had to stop the treadmill a few times for a sip of water. 
I watched "The Secret Life of A Bee" (Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah etc were in it).
I don't think it was a tear-jerker, but man! I cried and cried.
It wasn't easy running and crying at the same time!

I also found a sticker-worthy spot (finally) for this sticker sent to me by Secret Santa.
Hate it that it took me so long to find THE right place for it.
This makes 57 miles for January!
Got another few more to hit 100K for this month!


  1. Happy New Year to you! Nice job on the running miles, and I love your sticker placement ;)

  2. You had a great time shopping it looks like. Good job on the runs.

  3. I LOVE TJ Maxx, there is one close by work and I spend most of lunches there :) Great dress!!

  4. Happy New Year hun! how are you celebrating today?

    also, cute clothes! i find that forever 21 in the states is so much better than then one in canada!

    ps. tagged you!

  5. Kashi go lean crisp! That's my favorite cereal, too! Good job on getting your 20 miles for the week. :)

  6. I love your shopping and food posts!!! My old, Craig's List treadmill is stuck on 6% and I can't make it go down! So my treadmill workouts are pretty intense, even when I'n walking them so I stopping to sip water? No problem!

    Great post! Thanks!


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