Thursday, January 5, 2012

Slightly Twisted, But Good.

Ah ha!
Talk about a slight snag in my New Year resolution.
But I am back in the game.
After my twisted ankle, I took a one day break, got back on the treadmill nice and easy on Wednesday for one mile.  Today, I went on the treadmill again and did an easy 5.1 miles.  It was good! Not too fast, but it was a really good run!

That brings me to 8.1 miles this week and I have 12 more to go to hit the week's target!


  1. I'm glad your ankle is healing. That's great news! :)

  2. ur back!!! thats awesome. i cannot remember the last time i ran an easy 5 miles. hahahhah. yesterday I ran 2 miles and thought I was going to die! hahhaha

  3. Easy and 5 miles should not go in the same sentence.

    But glad your ankle is ok!

  4. Answering your comment from my blog...I try to find 1 recipe from each month to use from CL. I didn't succeed in Decembers, because I didn't want to make cookies. I think I found 4-5 in January's, including a pizza.

  5. Awesome!!! So glad!!! I can see you're in love with your treadmill :)


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