Friday, January 6, 2012

Tagged: 21 Random Things About Myself

I was tagged by Sarah over at Running to Keep Up with A Toddler to do a 21 random things post.
I love Random Things posts.
  1. Best Christmas present in 2011:
  2. stock photo
  3. I love tea time. I do tea - as in drink hot tea in tea cups, have creamer, have sugar, have a cookie or pastries. Always loved it. Always done it. Especially loving it with the above shortbread cookies.
  4. I have yet to come across a fruit that I absolutely do not like. Now, I am not fond of rambutans, not because of its taste, but because sometimes, the skin off the seed gets stuck with the meaty flesh and ruins the texture for the fruit for me.  To learn more about rambutan, go here. 
  5. I didn't start learning to cook until I met my boyfriend. I can whip out a few dishes before that, but now, I am actually quite good at it.  We do Indian, Chinese, Southern/Country, Cajun, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese, and dessert in this household - on a regular basis. Goes to show that practice makes perfect.
  6. I like to keep my friends separate. There are friends from newspaper work. There are friends from college. There are speech-language pathologist friends. There are friends that you have to be friends with just because friends. You will rarely see me mix two groups of friends together. And I rarely surround myself with the "just because I have to friends."
  7. I have low tolerance for whiny people, lazy people, for people who want to be in the center of attention all the time, for people who try to hard to please everyone and want everyone to like him/her, for the type of people who try to be accomodating but really don't want to sacrifice his/her to accomodate others but want others to accomodate him/her, and people who dumped a ton of negativity and then, have a 360 degree turnaround the next minute and be all chirpy and sunny-side-up. And people who try to be friends and fake friendly even though they really can't stand the other person (I see a lot of that in the South). 
  8. I do well with positive people, hardworking people, people who constantly try to better themselves, sincere people, people who deal with the bumps in their lives with dignity and grace, people who are honest with themselves, people who genuinely encourage people, people who quietly do little things for others not for approval or to buy favors, but just because they think the other person will enjoy it. People who have the confidence to be themselves.  People with integrity.
    (Strangely, runners fall in this category! They are self-motivated. They have their eyes on a goal and they go for it. They are weirdly oddly determined. They are hard on themselves. They encourage others. And when they falter on their diet/training schedule, they are honest with themselves, give themselves an outlet to whine, but will always pick themselves up after that and go at it again.)
  9. I like doing a lot of things by myself.  Going to the movies. Shopping. Dining at the restaurant.  
  10. Blame it on Pinterest because I am planning my imaginary wedding and imaginary child.
  11. I have a name picked out for my future daughter (even though, I really want a son). 
  12. My kid will be dressed in black (or white). But mostly black. Just like me. Just like Paddy Wag. There's something simple, classy, chic about plain black and plain white apparel.  And you don't have to separate the laundry too much. There's the black pile, and the white pile! Genius!!
  13. When I grow up and have a wedding, I want it to only include the few closest friends (NO
    co-workers, no distant relatives. No high school best friend with whom I am barely friends with now. No mom's best friend either). It will be small. It will be intimate. It will be celebrated with people who love me and watched me grow. This is one of the few times I will not accept randomness in my life.
  14. Like Julia Roberts' Runaway Bride final wedding. Or Carrie-Mr. Big's city hall wedding.  (I don't think Carrie deserves Mr. Big, by the way).  In fact, Grey's Anatomy Derek-Meredith's post-it wedding is kinda perfect for me.
  15. I also do not want a traditional shower. I don't want to be showered with gifts. I want to be showered with love by my closest friends. I want them all together, enjoying afternoon tea and pastries. But then, remember #4 where I like to keep my friends separate. Ha! 
  16. I do not have a green thumb. I kill even the hardiest, easiest to care for plant.
    Like this one. Can someone tell me what to do with this plant? Low light? Lots of water?
  17. I have a soft spot for Carolina wrens. In the late winter and spring time, I enjoy providing them nooks and crannies for them to build a nest for their eggs. And watch the baby wrens take their first flight. 
  18. Favorite funny movie:  My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 
  19. Favorite romantic movie: You've Got Mail. 
  20. Favorite Christmas-y movie:  Serendipity and Love Actually.
  21. Favorite nosh after half marathon: Pho. (Vietnamese beef noodles.)
  22. I would love to revisit Italy again. I went there in 2000 and I would love to revisit Rome, Florence, and Venice again to make new memories.


  1. Nice to learn new things about you! I love reading random posts. I do not have a green thumb either - I kill everything. Lots of wedding themed stuff in your randomness - is there something your not telling us, or did I miss a key post?!

  2. Amy: I am so not close to getting married. Haha! If I can add one more random thing, I would probably write "I am totally scared of committing. I don't like to commit myself to dates with friends (like visiting a friend, or going to lunch with a close friend until the very morning. Even running with a friend. So committing myself to a half marathon race months ago, paying for it, THAT itself is HUGE commitment for me.
    Maybe I just like to leave a way out for myself?

  3. Love all things black too :-) But, I cannot go to a restaurant by myself. Cool post!

  4. Hahaha, love this post and your random facts! I have already a name for my future boy, but not for a girl. I really want 2 boys. I'm not a girlie-girl and would have the toughest time with a girl!! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing these interesting facts. Love to get the inside scoop on people. :-)

  6. These posts are some of my favorite to read! I especially like #6 and #7. That sounds so much like me!


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