Thursday, January 12, 2012

Three Things Thursday

My Facebook status goes:
"Let us all be reminded of the frailty of life. Cherish every moment. Love with all you've got."     
A friend's mother passed away last night from ovarian cancer.
And there is still no news about that missing runner from Sidney, Montana. 
Hold your love one tightly and show them your love.   
Don't go to bed angry. 
And don't get angry when the other half wants pizza but you want salad.  
Not worth it.
Today's schedule called for three easy miles. I had the treadmill set to 5 mph and left it there. It was hard not to crank it up a little since my past few runs have been a little faster than usual.  But, I'm going to be patient and exercise self-control.  Too much, too soon means injuries.   Good, easy, comfortable run.
Tomorrow is rest day. Followed by an 8-miler.  

Ahhh. I cannot stress how much I love my treadmill! Love the convenience of running anytime I want. Love being able to hop on and run with my sports bra. Love having fans angled at me when I run.


  1. So true!! We sometimes get caught up in all the things they don't really matter. Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. I still feel sick that they haven't found the runner in Montana. The poor family.

    Have a great Friday!

  3. I'm so sorry about your friend's mother.


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