Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I Am Loving

Loving speed intervals!!
Just finished 7 x 0.25 speed intervals @ 7mph.

I messed up on the recovery portions of the run though.
The speed was set at 5 and 4 and instead of keeping steady at a 2-minute recovery jogs,
I did the recovery portions at either 1 minute-ish or whenever the mileage/time is at a whole number
(to keep the calculation easier).
It was a speedy run.
A run I thoroughly enjoyed.

I am hoping this will help me get faster.

My after-run glow
Remember the last race where I forgot to pack my sports bra and I had to run to Target to buy one?
I got a Champion one and I love it!!!
(no one paid me to say this and no one is giving me any cool stuff to say this.)
This is coming from someone who only have little girls instead of womanly womans,
 so maybe that's why this sports bra works for me. 
Anyway, the point is I am loving this bra so much so that I wore it yesterday,
washed it immediately so that I can wear it again for today's run.

Stock photo from Target website.

What are you loving right now?


  1. Is it pretty thinly lined? I'm trying to find one like it with a little more frontal lining for my Spartan race. Harder to do than I thought.

    1. It's not lined at all and there's no underwire or padding.

  2. I have the same sports bras! :) You did AWESOME on your speed interval!! You killed it!! Next time one more interval until you are up to 10 :)

  3. Nice job on the intervals, they will make you faster! I love Champion stuff at Target, but I am more of a handful sports bra fan. Ha look at all the Christy/Christine love you are getting Christina! Funny

    1. Ha! Love the comments from Christine and Christy! :)
      How cool is that?

  4. yay for speed intervals! that is awesome. u r rocking it this year. i am so jealous that you have a treadmill at home and can run naked if you wanted to! ahaha

    enjoy it and good job!

  5. Nice job on the intervals!! You speedy thing you!

    I love Champion bras too! Good ol' Target.

  6. Great job on the run. No way that bra would support my DDDs.

  7. I love those bras too because they don't chafe.

  8. I too have little girls (haha) and the same Target them and have them in all colors. And, my tummy will look like that stock photo soon if I keep with my healthy eating habits :-)
    Lastly, intervals are awesome for speed and fat burning. Cannot wait to do them again soon!!!


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