Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You Say Po-tay-to, I Say Po-ta-toe

Ran 3 miles in 32:12 minutes.
Feel: Ok.

The weather has been very un-winter-like. In fact, we had conditions prime for a tornado on Sunday. A severe storm ripped through this area. Several metal roofs were blown off. Power lines were down. Some trees were down too. Thank goodness we didn't lose any power. Paddy Wag was a hot mess. She was so scared till she literally peed her pants - except, she didn't have any pants. I stayed with her, stroked her and sang her "Angel of Music" from Phantom of the Opera. She stucked with me and I can't believe I have so much love for a dog. She has brought so much joy to my life.

Either my sinus is flaring up or I am at the early stage of a cold. Regardless, I feel a little run-down. And you know you are looking a little shabby when a teacher asked lovingly if I am feeling ok.

I made spaghetti tonight. It was a quick and easy thing to whip up. I always use the extra-lean ground beef. Diced up half an onion, a whole bell pepper, sliced some mushrooms, and add a can of those cheap canned spaghetti sauce. Throw in some dried herbs and half a can of stewed tomatoes. I like this dish because you can sneak in a lot of vegetables.

Speaking of herbs. Do you say "erbs" or "herbs" ?
And for "chipotle," do you say "chipotay" or "chipolay" ???

That's all folks. I am going to finish up my spaghetti and pick up around the house before going to bed. This chica needs some rest and Emergen-C.

Question: What do you use to shorten the length of time of a cold?


  1. I so want to run my 5k at 32 minutes! Im at about 36 right now but Im trying hard!!! Erica

  2. I'm glad you were safe, thought about you when I heard about the tornado. I hear you about dog love!!



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