Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Round-Up: Delivery, Love, and Run

SATURDAY:  Between my running pal's sick child and the need for me to go on a delivery trip with the boyfriend, the outside run on Saturday naturally didn't materialize. The delivery took longer than expected, but we got all the wardrobes, head boards and foot boards in the rooms. 

 I turn the wardrobes around with the back facing the trailer's door, so the boyfriend can use a dolly and roll that baby out of the trailer and into the rooms.  While this seems like an easy task, it does saves him time. I turn about 4 around because that's all the room there is for me to maneuver the wardrobes in the trailer. Then, I sit and read my book.  Sometimes, I stack the headboards and footboards on a cart and roll them into each room.

Sometimes when there isn't anything I can do to help, I just sit at the back of the truck and read and take naps.
And take pictures of myself.
Oh vanity. Thy name is women.

When I came home, running was the last thing I want to do. 
So I played with my Paddy Wag instead.

I always feel bad leaving Paddy Wag at the house.
So we have to have that bonding time when I got home. We played with her toy where I threw and she fetch. We hugged. I scratched her belly and her forehead. And I talked to her about my day.
Goodness. I Love My Paddy Wag!

SUNDAY: The most noteworthy thing would be my last weekend run before my half marathon next Sunday. 
Eight miles on the treadmill in 1:33 minutes.
It wasn't easy. But it is 8 miles in the bag. 
I am doing quite well with my mileage for February! 
And I need to go and do my push-ups!!
Later, gator!


  1. Congrats on good mileage. Have fun with that half marathon!

  2. Great job on your long TM run today - you'll be great next weekend!

  3. Can't believe the race is next weekend! Yeah!!

  4. I ran 8 miles this morning also! Outside, though, gloomy cloudy weather, waiting to rain... Luckily it did not rain on me while I was out there!

    Good luck at the race next weekend!

  5. Wow, next weekend! Good luck. And I love all the pics of Paddy Wag :-)

  6. Good luck at your race!

    Way to have a great run also! :)

  7. Wow your race is coming up fast! Good luck this weekend!

  8. Great job with the run! Can't wait to hear all about your race this weekend!


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