Monday, February 27, 2012

Bad To The Bone or Just A Procrastinator?

February's challenge to do 400 push-ups is proving to be just a little of a challenge. I don't know if I am just bad lazy to the bone or just procrastinating doing the push-ups. I was really good the first week and a half until I am just so tired of having sore arms. So I stopped for a day or two, and three and four .....

Today's Push-Ups:
10 (in a.m. while getting ready to work)
2 (on the floor - the Boyfriend wants to see what I meant by "real push-up" and apparently, I still can't do them).
10 (while cooking)
10 (just right before I write this post)

Total Push-Ups Left: 400-185(as of 2/19) +25 (2/22) +25 (2/27) = 165

Oh my goodness. 165 left to do in just over 48 hours.
Thank goodness today is a rest-from-run day. I'm just going to go do more push-ups!

Can I fulfill the challenge? We'll see!

This is for supper tonight.
Oven-baked chicken: Last night, I marinated the chicken  in Heinz 57 sauce, honey, garlic powder, and a bunch of other spices I have on hand (I really just pour and shake and pour and shake). Today, all I did was bake the chicken at about 400 (then turned down to 350).

Stuffed mushrooms: These were just so-so. I can make a pretty mean stuffed mushroom dish. But today, I just craved for stuffed mushrooms and didn't have my usual ingredients for stuffing. So I doctored up a box of Stovetop dressing and stuff away.


  1. Good luck kicking butt with the push-up challenge! That chicken looks fantastic.

  2. Yes you can! Almost there!! Just do 10 every hour, you are so close!! :)

  3. You got this. I'm behind too, but there's no giving up!!

  4. YOU CAN DO IT!!! Pound out those pushups! :)

  5. Looking at the chicken is making me hungry, haha. Good luck with the push ups! :)


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